Monday, 20 November 2017

How To Take Your Summer Dresses To Winter Using Wingz!

If you are anything like me, you will have a lot of sleeveless summer dresses that you would love to keep wearing through winter without freezing. You could of course wear a cardigan over them, but then you completely lose the shape of the dress and the baggy fabric drowns out your waist.

Recently though, I discovered another solution, way more stylish and rather clever. Introducing: Wingz! Wingz are essentially sleeves you can wear underneath a dress or a top to make it look like it's a long sleeved one and wear it in winter.

Day Time Look

For my day time look I picked one of my favourite dresses from New Look, which I like wearing on sunny summer days with a pair of sandals. This look is way too cold for winter though, so adding my 3/4 length black lace Wingz, a pair of tights and ankle boots makes it much warmer and weather appropriate.

I also really love how delicate the Wingz themselves look, the lace is feminine and classy and the black colourway goes with the black details of the dress. I bet if people didn't know, they would think this is just a dress with sleeves.

Night Time Look

My night time look is a little black dress, something I believe every girl has somewhere in her wardrobe, and something that I definitely want to be able to wear all year round, with my Irregular Choice Off Beats. Again, a pair of tights and my Wingz make the look perfect for winter time, to keep me nice and warm. 

The different textures of black fabric mix well together, and the lace is perfect for a night time look. I really like the detailing of the lace and also that the sleeves are puffy at the top.

My only comment about the Wingz would be that the piece of fabric that connect the two sleeves is cotton instead of lace and sometimes it can be visible if you raise your arms and stretch the fabric. However, it's not such a big deal and you would probably not notice it if you were not looking out for it in the first place.

I am very pleased with my Wingz and they have definitely solved my problem in the best way possible. If  you would like something other than lace, they also come in a variety of styles so you can match them with your style and outfit perfectly. I totally recommend them and they would also make good Christmas gifts for your friends' and family's stockings, in case you wanted some gift ideas. You can check the rest of the designs here.


Disclaimer: The Wingz were sent to me for free but I requested to review them because I had been looking for a product like this for a while and I honestly love them!

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Why You Need Face Moisturizer

First, a lesson in how skin works...

There are three layers: the epidermis on the outside, the dermis in the middle, and the hypodermis underneath. Blood vessels deliver moisture to the dermis, which then travels up through the epidermis and evaporates. This is called transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and if there is too much TEWL going on, your skin will dry out. Moisturizing is a misnomer. Water is the only thing that can hydrate skin. The job of moisturizers is to trap that water in, deliver water to the epidermis, or do a little of both.

Occlusives are the OG moisturizers: ingredients that are so thick and impenetrable water cannot pass through them. Petroleum jelly is incredibly successful at this, cutting TEWL upwards of 98%. The downside with wearing petroleum jelly on your face is that if feels like petroleum jelly on your face. 

That’s where emollients comes in. They have a similar chemical structure as occlusives (long chains of carbon atoms) and work to block water from evaporating, but their technique is a little different. The epidermis is constructed like a brick wall, with dead skin cells playing the bricks and fatty lipids and proteins playing the mortar. When temperatures drop, those proteins break down. Emollients penetrate the epidermis and fill in the holes those proteins leave, keeping TEWL under control. 

Bonus: Filling in those holes also makes your skin feel soft and smooth.

Humectants are the exact opposite. Hydroxyl groups in their chemical structure attract water, so as it soaks into the epidermis, the young, moist cells hanging out in the dermis travel towards the surface of the skin. Humectants also stimulate the production of ceramides, waxy molecules in our skin that also reduce TEWL.

During the day, it’s important to wear a good sunscreen.

Experts prefer moisturizers with an SPF rating between 30 and 50, and broad spectrum protection. The sun protection factor (SPF) in moisturizers is what protects you from UVB rays. The number denotes how much longer it takes skin to sunburn than when unprotected: 30 times longer for SPF 30, 50 times longer for SPF 50, and so on. Don’t be fooled by the numbers, though. At their strongest, the difference in how much UVB radiation they block is around 1 percentage point, with SPF 30 blocking about 97 percent of UVB rays and SPF 50 blocking 98 percent. In fact, the FDA has proposed capping SPF at 50, arguing that any number higher is misleading to consumers who might believe there is such a thing as sunscreen that can block 100 percent of UVB rays. (There’s not.)

Broad spectrum sunscreen blocks both UVB rays — the kind that cause sunburns — and UVA rays, which penetrate the skin deeper and are closely linked to skin cancer. The real key to sunscreen, however, is coverage. Dr. Joshua Zeichner, an assistant professor in the dermatology department at Mt. Sinai Medical Center recommends a nickel-size dollop for a full face treatment along with regular reapplication.

Mineral sunscreens are the safest bet.

Sunscreens are divided into two categories: chemical and mineral. Mineral sunscreens are physical UV blockers — meaning they reflect UV rays so they can’t penetrate the skin — made from zinc oxide and/or titanium oxide. Chemical sunscreens absorb UV rays and then release that energy in a harmless way. There are a lot of chemical sunscreens, but six are used the most: oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate, and octinoxate.

Both chemical and mineral versions work well, but in chemical sunscreens the risk for causing an allergic reaction or aggravating sensitive skin is heightened. Popular consumer watchdog group EWG says it’s riskier than that: It stresses that some chemical sunscreens can penetrate the skin and reach living tissue, causing hormone disruption.

Both mineral and chemical sunscreen are effective UV blockers. If you have sensitive skin, stick to physical-blocker sunscreens, as some chemical blockers can cause skin irritation.

- Dr. Joshua Zeichner, Assistant Professor in the Dermatology Department at Mt. Sinai Medical Center

How To Take Action

Evaluate your skin type. 

Figuring out your skin type can be tricky. Often, what we are positive to be true — that we’re oily, dry, or somewhere in between — is actually a result of the products we use. Flaky skin can appear with too much exfoliation; greasy skin may actually be residue from a too-rich moisturizer. That being said, there are some earmarks of different skin types.

If you are oily, you will have large pores all over and your face will get shiny throughout the day. Pore size is important here: If you’re greasy but your pores are small, you may just be using the wrong moisturizer.

Combination skin has large pores across the forehead, chin, and nose, and that T-zone gets oily throughout the day. If your T-zone is only a little oily, you probably have normal skin.

When your skin never breaks out and is tight, rough, and flaky, it’s dry. Dry skin is different than dehydrated skin though. 

Like aesthetician Kerry Benjamin explains, dry skin is a result of low levels of oil, which is what skin needs to trap moisture. It needs an emollient. Dehydrated skin still produces oil, but it’s lacking moisture. What’s the answer? You got this: humectants.

Don’t be fooled by the packaging.

There’s nothing wrong with appreciating good design and a beautiful box. Just don’t overlook some of the littler guys with less showmanship — or even big names that de-prioritize their packaging. All brands operate on some sort of budget, and skimping on custom components is a good way to funnel more investment into creating a better moisturizer. Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Cream, is a perfect example: a delicious product (with a price tag to match) in packaging that looks basic even by drugstore standards.

I appreciate skincare and cosmetics brands that use stock components. It shows me they’re putting their money into quality, efficacious ingredients, and I’m not paying for a name and some packaging. The same goes for smaller quantities of product: the better and more refined the ingredients, the less you need to get the results you want. I don’t like filler ingredients for the sake of fill weight.

- Michele Lottermoser, VP Product Development at Julep Beauty

Try some samples.

Scared of spending money on something you’re not sure will work for your skin? Head to your nearest beauty counter and ask for samples of the moisturizers you’re most interested in. It’s the best way to experiment — and they are the perfect addition to your carry-on bag


Want to find out more about moisturizers and check out the best face moisturizers on the market? ran a massive survey with over 200 moisturizers, consulted with dermatologists and industry experts and found which ones are definitely worth your time and your money.

Check out their full post here and discover more about skin care so that you can get exactly what your skin needs. After all healthy skin is the basis for every look.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Star Wars Dark Eau De Parfum by Disney | Review

Come to the Dark Side... we smell really good!

Hey guys!

Today I simply had to tell you about my new perfume, Star Wars Dark, which I fell in love with instantly and bought as soon as I tried it on. To give you some backstory, I was early to meet someone at the O2, so I went past the gift shop of the Star Wars Identities exhibition. Since I was not wearing any perfume (I forgot), I decided to put some on there. As soon as the perfume touched my skin I knew I had to get it, and I immediately took it to the cashier and made it mine!

Star Wars

The top notes of the perfume are grapefruit, orange and aldehydes.
The middle notes are violet, magnolia, rose and cloves.
The base notes are cedar, patchouli, vetiver, amber, chocolate and vanilla.

Star Wars Dark perfume box

The first thing that I noticed when I put it on is how warm and spicy it smells. I was not sure if it was a men's or a women's perfume - it is in fact unisex - exactly because of that reason, but I wanted to wear either way. I would also like it on a man, because of the cloves and the chocolate notes that I find very attractive in men's perfumes.

Star Wars Dark

Out of women's perfumes that I've owned before, and potentially a good alternative to consider if you can't get your hands on this one, is the Eau de Soap & Glory. They both contain magnolia and vanilla, which I think gives them that sweet sexiness, and they both have citrus fruits in them, Dark has grapefruit and orange and S&G has mandarin and bergamot.

Star Wars Dark bottle

Another thing that particularly impressed me in Star Wars Dark was how intense it it. It not only surrounds me in its aroma, the first hour or so everyone walking past me can definitely smell it clearly, but it is also long lasting and I can still smell it on my skin for hours after I put it on. It has been quite hard for me to find many perfumes like that in recent years, the last one I really liked was Black XS by Paco Rabanne.

Star Wars Dark

Now for the scent test over the next few hours after you put it on:

1 hour later: The perfume is exactly like the moment I put it on, sitting on my desk anybody walking past me can smell it coming from me. It is not overpowering but it is present.

Star Wars Dark

3 hours later: I can still smell the perfume around me as I'm sat down on my desk working, without getting close to my skin and I can tell the scent coming from my neck apart from the one coming from my wrists, due to the intensity.

Star Wars Dark eau de parfum review

6 hours later: After washing my hands I can not pick up the scent in my immediate environment all the time. However I can still smell it on my wrists, which I washed with soap, and I can smell a hint of it every now and then from my neck, so it has managed to remain on very well.

Star Wars Dark eau de parfum

There are a few more perfumes in the same collection. Galaxy is the closest scent to Dark, all the notes are the same except it doesn't have the chocolate and vanilla, so it is less sweet than Dark. Light, which is supposed to be Dark's main counterpart, has lemon and cypress in it which to me smelled more fresh but for some reason I did not particularly like its scent.  

Droid, is more woody and musky, with jasmine, mint and bergamot, which takes out the sexiness of Dark and replaces it with a calming dependable innocence (somehow that is how I can only describe this perfume). As for the protagonists' perfumes Rey is quite sweet with caramel, praline, red berries, sandalwood and amber and Revenge, Kylo Ren's perfume, is sexy but fresh at the same time thanks to the combination of rose, geranium, cypress and bergamot.

Star Wars Dark notes

You can get all of the perfumes in the line here or in person at the Star Wars shop at the O2 like I did; prices range at around £20 for 50ml. Keep in mind it is limited edition so when they run out that's it.

I firmly believe that Dark is the best one of the collection, although this really depends on individual tastes and the kind of perfume you enjoy. However, if you are anything like me and you want your perfume to say you are a woman strong and confident in her femininity and sexual energy, I would say Star Wars Dark is the perfume you should go for. 

Star Wars perfume

So put on your favourite black dress, spray some perfume on, pick up your light saber and get ready to take over the world!

Lots of love

Thursday, 6 July 2017

ELECTRIC SHEEP Zappy Bat Necklace

Hi guys! I'm back!

Today I wanted to show you a recently acquired piece, from a brand that is great for fairy kei, decora, pastel goth and a few more alternative fashion styles. The brand is called Electric Sheep and you can find their accessories on their Storenvy shop.

Zappy Bat Necklace

They also usually have a stall at Hyper Japan, which is where I originally found out about the brand and saw their accessories. They describe themselves as a brand with 'cute Japanese and alternative/cyber scene inspired handmade jewellery and hair accessories'. Their main influences are Harajuku fashion fairy kei, lolita, cyber, punk and goth. A lot of their items remind me of accessories I usually see in cyberdog, or something you would love to wear at a rave.

electric sheep

The necklace I picked up is called Zappy Bat, since the bat's tail is shaped like a thunderbolt, which is a running theme due to the name of the brand. The quality of the piece is exceptional and there is a variety of colour options that you can choose from, like purple, acid green, black and orange. It is perfect for any creepy cute and pastel goth styles and can be worn with a variety of Harajuku fashions. The acid green and orange versions would look particularly gorgeous with a cyber goth look.

Zappy Bat Necklace storenvy

When it comes to alternative fashion I believe it's very important to support independent creators and smaller brands like Electric Sheep, especially when they have such quality pieces, so I would absolutely recommend and advise you to have a look at their store and pick something up if you like it. They have a variety of other designs, including lightning bolts, skulls, stars and more.

If you have a favourite alternative brand, do let me know what it is so I can check it out!

Lots of love

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

How To Decorate A Florida Inspired Room

Hi guys!

I was recently challenged by Douglas Elliman to put together a Florida inspired room and I thought it was such a fun way to prepare you for summer. I know a lot of people like to change up their decor for each season, so, if you were looking for something perfect for summer, look no further. 

When I think of Florida I think of beaches, sunshine and parties, so this is the inspiration behind the decor of the room. The main colours I chose are pink, turquoise and gold and the patterns are flamingos and pineapples.

Let's start from the couch. Picking a statement piece like this blue Iceberg fabric vintage sofa (£407) will instantly set the tone for the rest of the room, the colours and the general style. To add extra colours and tie everything together, cushions are a great help. I particularly like the two marble Cosima cushions from Anthropologie in turquoise (£98) and in pink (£98) because the same pattern ties in the two different colours. Adding another blue cushion, this one with a pineapple pattern (£68), allows me to bring the pineapples into the mix.

Now for some statement pieces. I found this canvas, which goes perfectly above the couch and is called Miami Days (£65); of course Miami is in Florida and this is absolutely perfect for a Florida inspired room. The wire flamingo plant stand (£128) helps bring the plants from the photo into the real room and is quite unusual and eye catching. I also really like the recent trend of inflatable flamingos at pool parties, so this is a slightly more subtle way to incorporate that pool party element indoors.

And now for the finishing touches.... the knick knacks. There is so much to choose from that you just want it all, which is why having three coffee tables seems reasonable. This nest of three vintage coffee tables (£115) has two of our three main colours (blue and yellow - yellow can sometimes substitute gold when decorating) and will allow us to play around with the colours of the rest of the items and their placement. On top of that, you have the choice of keeping them together or splitting them up, having one act as an end table next to the couch and another in front of it.

On the white table we have a tropical blue/green photo frame (£10) and a vase of the same colour so that the combination of the colours echoes the sea and foam of the beaches you love. The yellow table, as the highest will be where the light goes. A pineapple lamp (£38) and one of my favourite summer candles Pink Sands by Yankee Candle (£24) will sit there and provide some extra light and a relaxing smell for when you are resting on the sofa. On the third table, a pineapple cake stand (£28) with sugary snacks and a flamingo mug (£10) with some hot tea or coffee will provide the finishing touches of your relaxation room.

And that is the room finished! Just add a good book and you will be as close to being on a beach in Florida as you can get without leaving your house. In fact you can order all of the items online so you do not even have to leave home to create this room, although, I totally recommend going for an actual holiday in Florida and enjoying the sunshine and the beaches in person (also Disneyland and Universal Studios).

Now, if you are actually thinking of moving, Douglas Elliman has some amazing Florida properties for rent and for sale that you might want to check out. In all honesty, they are worth checking out even if to just pin them to your dream house pinterest board because yes, they are that gorgeous!

Let me know if you liked the items I picked out and if you would like to see more decorating posts. I now feel the need to add some pineapples to my flat and go burn my own pink sands candle.

Lots of love and see you next time!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

How To Decorate Your Dream Office Space With DECASO

Hi guys!

I firmly believe that working in a space that inspires you is a great way to motivate yourself and become more productive. Once you have created a space that makes you happy to look at and be in, you will find yourself coming back to it.

I was challenged by DECASO to put together my dream space using items from their website; they have a lovely selection of antiques that I can not afford... but a girl can dream. One day when I buy a beautiful house and set up my office space it is definitely going to look like this.

Ok so let's get down to business (since this is an office after all).

Every office needs a desk. Do not be fooled by this image and my editing skills, this one is totally see through and the top is mirrored. This Elegant Lucite Desk will be the centre of attention of my office. While it is a substantial piece of furniture, the lucite material lets the light through and creates the illusion that the space is not really taken up by a table. It is particularly good if you have a smaller room but still want to fill it with beautiful things.

On top of the table of course you will have your laptop to do some work. Next to it, this Pivoting Crystal Ball Table Lamp will not only provide some light for those late nights working hard, but also turn around so you can adjust where the light falls. And... it looks like a crustal ball for your casual fairy tale element. To balance it out, This Italian Murano Glass Vase is sleek and will hold a bunch of roses to brighten up your day. Fresh flowers are definitely something you should start keeping around the house as it makes everything feel fresher.

Above the table a Hollywood Regency Mirror will add some extra glamour to the whole space and will be perfect for a quick makeup touchup once you are done with work. An inspirational quote next to it will also give you motivation and boost your confidence. And, last but not least, your chair will be where you will be sitting while working so you should make sure that it is both very comfortable and pretty. I picked this Lucite Armchair made of the same material as my desk, because it looks like it is a set with it and also appears as if it is taking up less space, due to the light going through it.

And this is it: my dream office space, created in an image and in my heart. One day this will become reality and I will be writing all my blog posts in a space like this, not just on my bed. Until then, I hope I have helped some of you get inspiration for your home offices. Remember, these items are available to buy so you can even buy these exact ones and own my dream space way before I can. Oh well... 

Until next time, lots of love,

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

PRIMARK OOTD: Winter Style

Hey guys!

We had a snow day on Saturday and it was great fun. Personally I love snow but rarely have the chance to see it, so I instantly jumped on the opportunity to take some outfit shots. Everything I'm wearing is from Primark, bought over the last few years.


Black and gold are great colours to keep in your wardrobe, as they are easy to match with other items and you can transition them from day to night easily. I got this jumper from Primark a few years back, I think around Christmas time, and it has been a winter staple for me ever since. The elegant star pattern does not really scream Christmas, making it perfect to wear after the holidays are over too.

primark outfit

Underneath the jumper I was wearing a thin gold top, perfect for when you go inside and there's heating on. Having a thinner top under your jumper means that you can take it off if you need to. The statement necklace I'm wearing goes perfectly with both the dark jumper and the light top, in the first case the clear stones pop and in the second the red ones. Either way, the necklace manages to catch the eye. What is more, since my hair is more red now, it also compliments the colour of the red gems.

primark outfits

My shoes were probably not the best choice for snow, as they did end up getting wet at the front, but I thought they went well with the gold elements of the outfit. I'd probably recommend boots with a shiny, waterproof surface though instead. As for my midi skirt, the clear striped panels let you see the snow through it and make the skirt look different according to what you stand next to, which I find quite amusing.

primark shoes

This ended up becoming one of my go to winter outfits, as it is perfect for work, shopping or even a night out in town. That is the reason I always recommend gold and silver items, because you can make them look casual or formal by pairing them in different ways or simply by changing up your makeup a little bit.

primark fashion

I also filmed a video with this outfit, including what Chris was wearing on the day, in case you need some male fashion inspiration too. His clothes are from Farah and his shoes are from Jacamo.

Let me know what you thought of this outfit and what your go to winter clothes are.

Lots of love,

Friday, 3 March 2017

L'OREAL Paris Color Riche Gold Obsession 24g Lipsticks | Review & Swatches

Hey guys!

L'Oreal lipsticks were some of the first lipsticks I ever tried (see this post from back in 2012) but I had not checked out any of their most recent releases. 

Then, the other week my eyes caught a bright gold lipstick in Boots and I could not resist getting it. I also picked up the red one in the line, as it has beautiful gold glitters in it.

The L'Oreal Gold Obsession line has 5 lipsticks (the other two being a plum and two pinky nudes).

 Obviously the stars are the gold, Pure Gold, and the red, Rouge Gold. The package goes from a matte black fading into gold, ironically thus containing less gold than the standard all gold packaging of their normal lipsticks.

The two colours look very bright on the stick and that does translate in the swatch, they are very eye catching and bold, so they are definitely a statement when you put them on.

The lipsticks themselves are are very soft and creamy and they are very easy to apply on the lips. However, they are quite sheer and they do requite some building up, particularly the gold one.

The photos here are with one layer of lipstick on. While the gold is not fully opaque, from a distance it looks like your lips are gold all right, but you can definitely make the effect more visible by building it up. 

The red one, while more opaque, is a bit trickier to apply, which is why you can see that one layer is not exactly perfect and I did need to go back and fix the lines later.

All in all, I think the gold one is a beautiful choice and quite rare as a lipstick colour so it is worth picking up; the red one is a beautiful bright red lipstick, however, if you already own a few others, it is not particularly worth purchasing.

Have you tried any of the other lipsticks in this series and if so what did you think? If you have any looks with gold lipstick do tag me @darcrose22 on instagram or twitter.


Friday, 24 February 2017

Travel Outfits: How To Use Colourful Eyeliner With Monochrome Outfits

Hey guys!

Colourful eyeliner is one of my favourite things (I may have a small obsession with Sephora's own brand liners, that I own in every colour). Out of all the colours my top pick is electric blue, as I find it stands out the most on top of gold and cream eyeshadow. Now one of my favourite ways to wear blue eyeliner is with an otherwise neutral outfit, so that it is the only thing that stands out.

Black trousers, white top, black shoes, dark hair... it all seems fairly normal, right? And then you come up close and you see blue liner. It creates a fun surprise and makes most people look twice.

In this look I am wearing my favourite Sephora electric blue liner in Fancy Blue and my MAC Impassioned lipstick, which I think compliments it well. The rest of the makeup can be quite simple beyond that and you will still stand out in the crowd.

And since I was on holiday in Prague, I made a new friend with this stormtrooper in the mall. As you do....

What is your favourite colour eyeliner to wear and which brand do you think makes the best liners? I will be doing a post on my Sephora liners so keep an eye out for that one.

Lots of love

Friday, 17 February 2017

Travel Outfits: How To Blend In With The City In Photos

Hey guys

Today's post might sound a little bit like a joke, but I can assure you it is for real. When you go travelling and you are bound to be taking a lot of photos, it is a good idea to consider the colours of the city when you are putting together your outfits. 

For this example I will be using my outfit from my trip in Prague and also my friend Maddie's outfit too. Prague has a lot of orange roofed buildings and yellow walls. There is also a good chance you will be taking photos by the river and have a lot of clear blue sky as part of your picture.

Orange and yellow are at the opposite side of the colour wheel from blue, so they create a good eye catching contrast between them. I chose this orange top with blue jeans for this type of contrast, which mirrors exactly the colour contrast we found in the city itself. Maddie on the other hand went with an all blue outfit in different shades, which puts her in contrast with the city.

Consider the above photo against the John Lennon wall. The wall itself has every possible colour mixed together. Maddie's blues as well as my jeans stand out more obviously than my orange top. However, orange makes my skin look warm toned while the blue makes Maddie look more yellow. This is worth keeping in mind when you consider your choice of colours.

Now consider this photo, where my top, which falls right in front of the orange building, is the same colour as the wall. This makes the whole photo more visually pleasing for me and makes it look like I belong there. Camouflage level = chameleon. 

What is the point of all this? Mirroring the colours of the city you are in, can make a huge difference in your photos, so be aware of this technique and use it to your advantage. Personally I love doing this just like I prefer wearing blues, mint greens and whites when I am by the sea. Do let me know your thoughts on this type of outfit creating process and if you have ever done something similar.

Lots of love,