Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Intimidating Shop Assistants

Hello! How are you?

Today I had some free time between classes and I decided to go to MAC and SEPHORA to look around the new products and make some mental notes about what I'm going to get for the holidays. The MAC Christmas collection is out so I went to try the products myself and I was hoping to find the Muppets OPI collection at SEPHORA. Now, the moment I walk in SEPHORA I get at least three assistants wanting to help me. Not that I don't appreciate their help but sometimes I just want to browse and swatch some products and see how they look on my skin. Other times that I am looking for something I just go and ask for their help.

So I walk in today and the security guy asks if I need help.. Ok.. That was a bit weird. Since when is that part of his job? So he pointed me to the counter of the products I was looking at from the front display and he also said I could try them on and that they were quite good. The products I am talking about are the TOO FACED palettes (which I loved and I'm going back to get one of them).

After that I made my way to the basement where they have the OPI counter and the sale counter (by the way there's a lot of makeup forever pots 30% off and I might get one to try it-suggestions?). So there was one shop assistant there and she was on the phone so I heard her saying that she is busy because she has a customer. First thought: omg..she means me... please make me invisible! And I was right because the next moment she was asking me if I needed any help. I said not thank you and moved on to some other products. She kept looking at me over another display and when I was looking at the OPI polishes she came again. I answered again that I was ok but this time she stayed next to me and started making comments about every nail polish I picked up... Seriously... I need my space when I'm shopping! I find it really annoying when people stay next to you when you try to look at things.So I put the polishes down and asked her about the muppets collection. She had no idea.. She asked me about the colours in it and when I told her the names of the entire collection she said they have probably ordered them and I should try going there next week and backed away.

Then I went to MAC. I knew exactly what I was looking for so when the shop assistant approached I asked my questions and made her understand I knew what I wanted to buy and I did not need any help besides being left to try the products on my skin. She was actually quite nice, and eventhough she tried to sell me the christmas brushes she did admit at the end that they are factory made therefore not as good as their normal ones. Unfortunately they did not have all the products of the glitter and ice collection but the ones I tried gave me a good idea about the quality of the collection (snow season minaralize eyeshadow was very good-shimmermint was too sheer for my taste). I told her I will come again when I decide which ones I want to get and thanked her for her help.

I know that a lot of people are intimidated when shop assistants try to persuade them to buy stuff and they might end up buying things they don't really need. So my tips for that situation are the following:

1. Learn to say no thank you. If it doesn't work be polite and tell them you are fine and you will ask for help when you need it.
2. Know what you want to buy. A little bit of research online will give you a good idea of what products are out there and when the shop assistant insists on helping you you can just have them find these products and make a small demonstration to you. You might also see something that might not be in the shop so you would have missed it and maybe ask if they can order it for you at the shop.
3. If you just want to browse without looking for something specific and #1 doesn't work you can always have a product  you know as a failsafe. What I mean is pick a product you like from that shop, preferably something with many shades and say you are looking to repurchase that or to find something it combines well with. This will show the shop assistant that you are someone who knows what he/she likes and any suggestions will be based on satisfying you and not just selling anything they can. Who knows, you might find a product you hadn't thought of using before and it looks good on you.
4. Finally.. Do not buy anything you don't like. If you are not sure that the product looks good just say you need to think about it a it more, or you don't have enough money on you and leave. I would advise you not to buy anything on the spot because when you go home you can think about it again and make a clearer decision. If you feel you really want to get it you can always go back tomorrow.

I hope I didn't tire you with all my rumbling and I really hope this helps you. I wish someone had given me those tips some years ago. I know I will be going back for the TOO FACED palette but maybe I will not go back for the MAC eyeshadow. We'll see...

Till next time,

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