Sunday, 27 November 2011

OOTD Red & Leopard

This is one my favourite outfits to wear! It's comfortable because it has tights and flat shoes And it is super warm because of the knit top and the red coat. :-)

I see a lot of red coats around during winter and I used to think it would be very hard to pair them with your outfits. I think the simplest way to wear a red coat and rock it is with black and white. Usually black and white outfits might wash you out or look too simple. A pop of red is exactly what you need to make the outfit super cute!

If you are a bit more daring with your outfit you can also add some animal print. I think in this case a purse or a scarf would be ideal and it would be even better if the item with the animal print contained some of you base colours (in this case black/white) or even red.

Don't forget that once you are where you're going you will take the coat off and probably leave your bag too. It is a good idea to keep a red element on you and I would suggest red lips that look good on almost everyone. ;-)

Finally, do not overdo it with your outfit. Opt for a black pair of flats with a sublte detail (here the bow on the flats matches the bow on my bag) if you have print on your bag or scarf. But even you wear a black scarf and hold a black bag I think black flats will keep the outfit simple and focus all the attention on your coat and your lips which will be adorable!

Coat: Terranova
Tights: Stradivarius
Top: random neighbourhood shop
Bag: Peacocks
Shoes: Peacocks


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