Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Nails #4! Santa Nails!

Heeeeeeey!!!! It's Christmas!

So what better than an extra christmassy nail tutorial?

Polishes used:
H&M Berry Love
H&M Kiss Goodnight
Nails Inc Basil Street
White nail art pen
+ toothpicks

And here's the video tutorial! I hope you enjoy it!

Have an amazing holiday!


Friday, 9 December 2011

Christmas Nails #2: OPI Extra-Va-Vaganza on Coloured Bases

Hello again!
So, I have already shown you how OPI Extra-Va-Vaganza looked like on its own.

Here is what it looks like with one coat over other colours: :-)

OPI Extra-Va-Vaganza + Erre Due Exclusive shimmerry purple

OPI Extra-Va-Vaganza + MaxFactor Nailfinity in Dusky Rose

OPI Extra-Va-Vaganza + H&M Kiss Goodnight shimmerry black

OPI Extra-Va-Vaganza + Sergio Nail Polish No58 shimmerry blue

OPI Extra-Va-Vaganza + H&M Berry Love matte red

Here is how all of them look like. I think the red looks more festive, the pink more girly and the blue and black more edgy. You can do all your nails the same colour or each one different like me or any combination you want. The same top coat glitter will bring the look together.

Till next time,

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Christmas Nails #1! Berry Love & Confetti Kisses

Hello again! December is here! And with Christmas around the corner I thought I'd start posting some holiday beauty ideas. Let's start with nail polish! I found these two adorable polishes in H&M only for 1,95 euros each!

Berry Love is an adorable rich red colout that is perfect for Christmas! This shade of red reminds me of santa claus, and stockings and it makes the perfect base for the second colour of the collection!

Confetti Kisses is a silver glitter polish with small silver glitters and bigger hexagon ones that make the nails sparkle! The finish is smooth and shinu so you don't need any extra top coat! I think it makes the nails super festive!

I think these two polishes make an amazing combination that will make your nails the show stopper and with no real effort. It is also a good value of money as the quality is quite good and the red can be used all year round without the glitter on top for a more basic look.

Now, if you want a twist in your manicure you can paint one of your nails with a beige polish (I used Basil Street from nails Inc). This will draw more attention to your nails and it can be a fun look to try. especially if you like to be a bit more playful with your nail colours!

You can also do the opposite which is paint 4 nails beige and one red. to draw the attention on the bold colour. You can even do 1 beige and 4 red in one hand and 1 red and 4 beige on the other so that your hands mirror each other. Of course you can also change the base colors, have each nail a different base with only the glitter pulling the look together. It all depends on how daring you are and where you have to go with these nails.

Christmas is supposed to be fun! Experiment and enjoy!