Sunday, 30 December 2012

Enchanted Forest Eau de Parfum Review

A few weeks ago I came across an article about a new perfume called Enchanted Forest by The Vagabond Prince. I was able to request a sample of the perfume and here's what I thought of it! 
WOW! Just wow! I mean it is called enchanted forest but to be honest I did not expect it to be that faithful to its name! Think of the forest below, on a dark winter night, the smell of the rain on the ground seeping through fallen leaves under a pale moon. Now think of the most beautiful enchantress walking in that forest picking blackcurrant berries. This perfume makes me feel like her.

Let's start by the scent itself and go through the technical details:

Top notes: pink pepper, aldehydes, sweet orange (traces), flower cassis, blackcurrant leaf, hawthorn, effects of rum and wine, rosemary, davana.
Heart notes: blackcurrant buds absolute, CO2 blackcurrant, Russian coriander seed, honeysuckle, rose, carnation, vetiver
Base notes: opoponax resinoid, Siam benzoin, amber, oakmoss, fir balsam absolute, Patchouli Purecoeur, castoreum absolute, cedar notes, vanilla, musk

The bottle is made of black opaque glass to resemble a blackcurrant berry and the golden leaves are Hohloma grass, which represents the enchanted forest. Amongst the tendrils in the artwork of the bottle and the box you can also spot a sleeping dove (silence), the moon (fairytales), stars and butterflies which add to the enchantment of the night image the perfume alludes to.

And here's the description by the creator of the perfume, Bertrand Duchaufour:

    "My inspiration for this fragrance was primarily the fruit of blackcurrant itself, from which I drew most of the the strength of the fragrance. The blackcurrant is the MOST IMPORTANT fruity note of the range that exists in perfumery. There are more than 400 raw materials that come across as fruity in the perfumer's palette. Blackcurrant and the sulfur effects of blackcurrant are the basis for the reconstruction of almost all fruits that perfumers and flavorists know. It is HUGE! I worked through all the blackcurrant forms that exist except the natural fruit juice, jams and candies …. I have mingled the effects of orange and other red fruits for a more sophisticated aspect to this fruit. Wine and some alcohol-based spiced hot wine drinks also inspired me so much (mulled wine and grog: the typical French drinks that came down through the ages...)
    My second idea was to directly link the blackcurrant with the odor of a forest ... also a very interesting link because in blackcurrant there are hints of intense woody plants one can exploit. Blackcurrant has a facet of "grass porridge" (boiled herbs, like a soup!) that can work directly with herbaceous green notes, and even with aromatics that facilitate the construction of several woodland scents ...
    I wanted to work the dark, mysterious, almost scary effects of the forest, all that evokes mysterie and, to man, seems almost supernatural in the forest: animals whose existence have been forgotten, the wetlands, the endless decomposition of rotting vegetation and its constant replenishing, the vital force of nature that man has hidden too deeply within himself …. This force, I evoke by the vibrant bone structure of a spicy woody chypre (patchouli, moss, vetiver, castoreum) but also by the warm, comfortable and intense effect of Balsam fir (pine needle absolute) that strengthens the woody notes and gives an evergreen aspect (i.e. the Russian taiga!) to any perfume."

Now, to what I thought of the perfume.

The Scent: The first scent I pick up is an intense leaf smell of blackcurrant leaves and fir. Imagine if you took the leaves on your fingers and crashed them to draw out the oils and scents. It is a very nice scent but it takes a couple of minutes to get used to, especially if you are not used to strong forest smells (yes I mean all of us city girls). The next thing I pick up after around 5 minutes is a scent of alcohol (the effects of rum and wine in the description). Think of really sweet mulled wine with fruity flavours and lots of spices. In the next 10 minutes the scent has changed a lot and what I smell is a sweet blackcurrant scent, think of hot marmalade brewing in the pot in a house next to a forest with the window open. I think this is quite a sensual mature scent. Definitely not your average sweet scent for girly girls. This perfume is a perfume for a woman who is alluring, sexy and mysterious but also a mother nature figure. I would wear it on a cold autumn and winter night for a formal event and probably when I'll be a little bit older than I am now.

Intensity: This is not a perfume that will radiate in the entire room, but if someone is standing next to you they can definitely smell it. I would not recommend it for people who get headaches from strong perfumes because, although its radius is not too big, it will be quite strong for the person who wears it. Alternatively avoid putting it behind your ears so that it will not be too close to your nose.

Longevity: The scent of the perfume stayed quite strong for the first hour (in its sweet blackcurrant form it settled after 15 minutes) and then it faded slightly and remained like that for the next 5 hours. After 6 hours I could barely smell in on my skin so I'd say it lasts for roughly 5-6 hours. This was a very nice surprise because I think perfumes should be long lasting, especially if you do not have the ability to reapply them throughout the day or your night out.

I am definitely interested in purchasing the full size product once it becomes available in January 2013 and I recommend it for anyone looking for a nice sensual forest scent themselves or as a gift for a mother, aunt or even grandmother. For more information you can also check the Vagabond Prince website.


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Candy Cane Nails!

Hello there!!!!!

Are you feeling Christmassy? I am! So I was inspired by delicious candy canes to paint my nails in nice festive colours (red and white... lol) 

Polishes used:
H&M - Berry Love
Random White Nail Art Pen
Nicole by OPI - On Top Of My World

Speaking about Christmas, here's my little tree! I love it soooooo much!!!!

Tree: Argos
Decorations & Lights: Primark

I also uploaded a Christmas Tag on youtube! ^_^ 

What nail colours do you like for Christmas?

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Vintage Inspired Fall Outfit

Hey there! 

I just found these outfit photos from back in September (when I still had the blonde hair) and I though I'd post them before I posted any warmer outfits.

This outfit is very neutral using only black and blush and I also kept it like that in my makeup apart from a pop of red on my lips. The polka dots and the peter pan collar give it a vintage feeling and make it cute and girly. 

Top: Peacocks
Shorts: Stradivarius
Shoes: Peacocks
Ring: gift
Earrings: Tally Weijl

For my eye makeup I used the Natural Eye palette from Too Faced and Collection's Glam Crystal Gel Liner in Funk. On my lips I have NYX's Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam.

Finally my nail polish is Dress Me Up by China Glaze from the Hunger Games collection.

I hope you like the outfit and sorry for forgetting to post it back in September. :)


Thursday, 8 November 2012

First Taste Of Christmas!

Are you guys feeling festive at all? I know I am! The only thing that reminds me it's still November is the calendar because everything else screams Christmas! The shops have put up trees and decorations, there's Christmas music around and the the lights in Oxford Street were turned on on Monday. Also, Starbucks has brought out the Christmas flavours! Yay!

I don't know why I always get so excited about these drinks.  My favourite by far in the Toffee Nut Latte which I can drink all day if you let me.... But today I thought I'd go get something else, so Gingerbread Latte it is. I don't regret this choice because it's like eating gingerbread cookies dipped in your normal coffee and it's to die for. There's also Eggnog Latte which I've never tried before and Praline Mocha which is ok but not  my best one. I remember one year there was Dark Cherry Mocha too but I didn't like it that much so I don't mind not seeing it again. Do you have a favourite Starbucks drink?

So in this Christmas spirit and since I was going though a box I keep the few seasonal decorations I was able to bring with me when I moved, I came across this little cute Santa hat, which was the card on a present from last Christmas that I decided to keep. And I thought to myself: I can put this back in the box or I can hang it with my jewellery and be merry. As you probably guessed I hanged it. And I also hanged a silver star that my grandmother made years ago and somehow got separated from the other decorations and has been with me ever since wherever I've lived (as seen in the first pic).

Continuing with the festive atmosphere, I tweeted this photo yesterday after I painted my nails. This gorgeous OPI metallic red (The Show Must Go On) is ideal to bring the holidays closer. I hadn't painted my nails with it since summer when I did this blog post on it so I thought why not? Indeed I find myself drawn to metallic shades lately, for which I blame Christmas as those shades remind me of bells, lights and baubles!

Now let's get a tiny bit silly... The earrings above and below have been in my possession for 6 years now. I got them from Accessorise and have been wearing them every December ever since. They both have battery powered lights that twinkle and are very cute. You can imagine my professors at school and uni being very amused and sometimes annoyed with me for having Christmas lights hanging from my ears, but I just switched them off and acted innocent. Eventually everyone understood I was hopelessly silly and crazy and they paid no attention... It also helped that I was a very good student and had done my reading when I acted silly like that.

I don't know if Accessorize will come out with these specific designs again but they do have festive earrings ever year and I remember seeing trees, penguins and reindeer at different years. I wonder what it will be this year....

Now if you want to be festive but don't want to go all out, I can also suggest earrings such as these above and below, which I got last year from Claire's. The Christmas trees are the bolder option and they may not suit everyone's style so feel free to pick something more like the snowflakes which are subtle and delicate but still festive enough. You can of course just get some Christmas themed studs, which will be even more subtle and easy to wear all day. Unfortunately I do not have any to show you right now but I may acquire some in the future.

I also wanted to show you these sparkly hair accessories which are also from Accessorize and are quite big and obvious when you wear them. They are silly and childish and I love them but I know not everyone will so feel free to laugh. The eyes move which makes them look even sillier and in my opinion really really cute! If you want to try them but don't want to go out in public wearing them, just pair them with a silly Christmas jumper, make a cup of your favourite hot drink, light a scented candle and relax at home watching a film with friends and family.

I also thought I should point out I am not allowing myself to wear any of these Christmas accessories until December (maybe mid November if I prove to be too weak) but I decided to put them up with my regular jewellery now to make my room look a bit more festive (I also do not allow myself to go buy proper Christmas decorations until around the same time).

The thing that I do allow myself to use though, mostly because I do use it all year round, is this Starbucks mug I got as a Christmas present a few years ago. I don't really know why, but, even if I use it almost every day, when I use it at Christmas it feels much more festive than it does in summer. I really want to get another Starbucks Christmas mug these holidays because I find them adorable and the designs change every year so it will be like starting a really cute festive collection. :) We shall see...

 For now I think I'll go make another hot drink or maybe get a glass of squash and continue with my reading for uni. And please, if I get lazy and don't update the blog tweet me to get off my @$$ and write something.


Saturday, 29 September 2012

OOTD Back To School/University

Hey all!

School and university have started so I wanted to share with you one of the outfits I wore the first week.

Since I'm in England and the weather is colder than I'm used to I decided to bring out the knits but pick one with a nice pattern that lets some air go through but still keeps me relatively warm. I kept the rest of outfit pretty basic and just added a few accessories. 

Knit Top: Stradivarius
Black tank top: Zara Basics
Shorts: Stradivarius
Jacket: Stradivarius
Bag: Oviesse
Shoes: Peacocks
Necklace: H&M
Watch: Tally Weijl

The owl necklace I thought was a good addition to my collection because it not only adds a pop of colour to an outfit without it being too much but also symbolises wisdom... and that is a good thing for a student. I'm probably ovethinking again.... ;)

Tip: longer tops make shorts and skirts appear shorter... sexy look without having to be too revealing

Yes I have worn these flats to death but I love them and they just go with everything!

Too Faced Natural Eye palette
Collection 2000 gel eye liner in brown
YSL Pure Lipstick in Pink Lilac 127
Clinique High Impact Mascara

Also I was in the mood of doing something fun with my hair so I made two little braids and put some roses from H&M. :)

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what you wore for your first day at school!


Monday, 17 September 2012

OOTN Traffic Lights Party

Hey there!

Freshers' week has officially begun. So let's look at the outfit I chose for the first night. Ok, so the theme was traffic lights and the code was green=single, red=taken, yellow=undecided. But since most of my clothes are in the boxes I'm waiting for, the only green thing I had was a necklace. So I thought I'd just wear a little black dress, I added some green eyeshadow and that was my outfit ready!

Dress: Bershka
Shoes: Tsakiris Mallas
Tights: Primark
Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelet: Peacocks

I must say I was quite pleased with this outfit. I mean even if I had green things with me right now I don't think I'd wear them. It was hard enough to keep the creeps off anyway, I wouldn't want to encourage them any more. (more of what actually happened on my other blog)

What would you wear for such an event???


Friday, 7 September 2012

Summer Round-up: Fashion & Beauty

Hello again! 

It has been officially fall for about a week now but I wanted to show you some photos from August that I hadn't posted before. 

This is from the night before my birthday! Well, it was after midnight so it was technically my birthday. Dj Delyno on decks, my best friends with me and party mood! Such a great night! My best friend Christina surprised me with a chocolate soufflĂ© with a "?" candle on it! So sweet of her! <3

 Outfits from left to right:

Top: Hard Black (local)
Jeans: Pixel

Dress: Primark
Belt: Primark
Ring: Primark
Shoes: Peacocks
Nail Polish: Beauty Line neon pink

Top: Attrativo
Bra: Intimissimi (for a sexy pop of colour)
Jeans: Staff & Co
Necklace: Accessorize
Shoes: Seycheles (buy from here)
Nail Polish: Erre Due Last Minute - 93

Dress: Pin Up
Watch: Makgio
Shoes: local shop
Nail polish: Beauty Line neon orange

And now two fashionable details:

Joanna's vintage Vogue clutch and Jessica Simpson shoes and Christina's mustard pair of trousers from Pepone with all these cute buttons! I know I should have taken proper photos of their entire outfits but I didn't think properly so just got the details I liked. Aren't they adorable?

Finally a round-up of the nail colours me and my friends used in August!

Top left: me!
H&M - Coral Road
Essie - Mint Candy Apple

Bottom left: Nikol!
done in a salon so no idea :p

Right from top to bottom!
Eirini: Erre Due Last Minute - 93
Me: Essie - Coat Azure
Eirini: Erre Due Last Minute - 93
Me: Beauty Line - neon orange
Christina: Beauty Line - neon orange
Me: Beauty Line - neon pink

And here is a little collage from my summer lookbook video! If you want to know where everything is from watch the video below!

I hope you liked this post! See you soon with fall goodies now! Also if I disappear for a few days I'll be moving and settling in my new room in London! If you wish to learn more about moving to London and what I'll be doing over there you can check my other blog Kristine's Albion Adventures!

Kristine ^_^

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Fashion News and Trends Fall 2012

Hey there!

Today I was reading some articles here and there and I learnt a few things I wanted to share with you!

1. YSL is changing name! Apparently now Hedi Slimane is in charge he wants to give the brand a makeover starting with the name which will be Saint Laurent Paris. The YSL logo will remain the same though.

2. Red and Cobalt: yes these colours have been around for fall and winter for a while and they dominate my wardrobe if you wanted to know. Keeping in mind the recession this is a good thing as we can be super trendy without buying new clothes. And for those who want to go the extra mile may I suggest a little DIY? Just get  some studs and put them on the shoulder area of a plain top. Instant glam! Exactly like those out in the shops! ;)

3. Baroque or I found this tapestry and decided to wear it: Velvet, embroidery, flowers. For me this is a very heavy look ad should be worn in small doses to avoid becoming kitsch. However, fashion designers disagree so if you want to go all out go ahead!

4. Edwardian: Think Downton Abbey and Jane Austen. Did someone see my Tardis? The past is such an inspiration lately I'm getting worried. Is everyone so full of fresh takes on old trends or are we out of creativity for good? I do happen to like the trend though. Long dresses, luxurious fabrics, intricate designs but not as out there as the baroque ones. So classy and beautiful. And not really my style. Ideally mix with some gothic elements to make it more edgy. I'll come back to it in 30 years when I feel more mature. :p

5. Vintage is here to stay: 50s and 60s are still a source for inspiration. So go to a thrift store for some original vintage pieces or pick up something vintage inspired from high street. I just wish the style would be a little less Mad Men and more Austin Powers... just for the fun of it.. Groovy baby! ;)

6. Persistent pastels: from spring to summer and now fall.. Either you choose a pastel pair of trousers to add some colour to an outfit or a pretty girly dress you can't go wrong. I'd suggest mixing it with the vintage trend for a good old times vibe.

7. Get your triangles out! No, we're not doing math. geometric patterns are on trend and the easiest way to rock the trend is with a nice triangle statement necklace. Wear over a nice blouse for some edge on a feminine look!

8. Going hunting my lord? No? The you're either Sherlock or the Doctor. Or you stole an old man's wardrobe. With all the weeds and knits and very traditional british patterns I do half expect to see the dogs chasing some foxes or someone smoking a pipe sitting on a big leather chair in front of a bookcase. You get the idea. I am not a very big fan of that trend but I think you can find some nice fitted pieces and use some accents from this trend to spice up a plain outfit.

9. Sir yes sir! No, I'm not joining the army but that doesn't mean I can't rock some military inspired coats with shiny buttons. I find those very sexy (and I've been wearing them for years now when you could barely find them in shops). Pair them with some leggings, tall boots and wear with confidence! 

10. Where are my dragons? Excuse the Game of Thrones quote. The theme though here is far east. You know, dragons, sakura blossoms and a modern take on kimonos. I don't like it but if you do, go for it!

11. The Matrix! Leather is back. Faux for your sake! Animals shouldn't pay for our fashion choices. I love this trend. Get some leather trousers, jackets, dresses, boots on! If you let me loose I'd be walking around like Trinity or Catwoman. Take your pick. I'd look hot anyway. :p Just kidding (on the looking hot bit because I'd probably do go around like a comicbook character). I might go for a nice pair of leather trousers with a black sheer blouse though. Just a warning. Stick around the blog and you might see this eventually. And you know what looks good with leather? Studs! I don't know if it's me but studs are everywhere right now. And pairing studs and leather gives you a glam rock look. Just don't start a band unless you have a good voice. Btw... shiny mustard leather looks bad! You can't change my mind! 

12. Trends that have survived due to popular demand: the designers may have brought out some new things but people are still discovering some last year ones. I shall briefly mention a few but you will probably have already seen them around. Peplums: in dresses, tops and skirts peplums are getting more popular with more people. Zara has some good items if you want to take a look. Skater dresses: they have been around for a few years now and they are becoming a basic in women's wardrobes. What changes each season is the colour and the material. Have fun with it! Cutouts: missing shoulders, holes in the back or in the front around the waist are also a popular design for the more daring shoppers. If you aren't sure try something on and see how it looks on you. You don't have to buy it if you don't like it. Sheer blouses: They are everywhere! Paired with bandeaus, regular tops, or nohing underneath (!) they can be dressed up or dressed down and be worn from day to night. I suggest getting a couple for a change from your regular blouses. 

Ok, so I hope you found this information interesting and you learnt something new. Please comment and tell me your opinions on these trends and which ones you are excited to try for this fall!


Disclaimer: NONE of the photos belong to me! I found them online!