Sunday, 15 January 2012

Collection 2000: Liquid eye liners and blush!


I thought I'd show you some Collection 2000 products I got and swatch them for you. :-)

Eye Liners:

 I got two liquid liner shades, a silver and a gold one. I love adding some sparkle on my eyes and I love how these two look on my skin. Either you use them for a final touch on a smokey eye or a single colour eye lid they are sure to draw attention to your eyes. I also like using glitter liners during the day on a natural eye shadow so that it gives some sparkle but nothing too exaggerated. 

 Shades: Hustle (silver) and Funk (gold)
And the swatches:


This blush gives your cheeks a natural rosy/coral glow that is perfect for sunny days and will be amazing in spring!
I love its consistency and to be entirely honest the flower design on top was the first thing that drew my eye to it. I am glad I found it though! Also just to let you know, I prefer using it with my finger instead of a brush before my foundation is completely dry to blend it in better and then I use my setting powder. :)

Shade: Bashful

Let me know if you try any of these products or some other shades of them and what you think about them!



  1. The hustle eye liner looks gorgeous! I've not really used anything other than black liquid liner for ages now and it's getting a little boring so definitely going to have a look at that! :) x

    1. I was the same and then one of my friends got me a blue glitter liner in summer and I liked so much that I decided to get more. I like using glitter on top of my black one too because the black background makes it more intense. Or with an eye shadow of similar colour all over the lid for a dramatic going out look. :) xx