Thursday, 26 January 2012

French With A Twist: Sparkly Pink


Who loves a french manicure with a twist? I know I do. So I used these colours to create a red-pink glittery manicure that is adorable and will certainly stand out.

I used the light pink colour "Play the Peonies" by OPI as a base for my glitter, then I put 2 coats of "Eenie Meanie Marry Me" from the Justin Bieber collection for Nicole by OPI, then I did my french tip with a red mini OPI polish that doesn't have its name on it so I don't know it and I made a line to sepparate the two colours with a gold nail art pen to give it more definition.

I love "Play the Peonies" as a base colour here because it lightens the fluid of my glitter and makes it pink instead of red. Also as a polish it is creamy and applies very nicely on the nails.

 "Eenie Meanie Marry Me" is a beautiful glitter but it does need a few coats because it's very very sheer and fine and it will need a lot of coat to cover the entire nail.

As for this red, I'm not particularly fond of it because I prefer matte reds instead of shimmers but it went well with the sparkly theme of the design. If you can recognise the shade please tell me what it is!

So this is my current twist on the classic french manicure. I think it would be great for valentine's day or for a first date. Let me know if you like it and if you try to recreate it!


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