Thursday, 19 January 2012

Magnetic Nail Polishes!

WHAT? Magnetic nails?
Oh yes!

So when i first heard of magnetic nail polishes I was like " it sounds weird" but then I saw them and I tried them out and they were sooooo good! I was amazed at how easy was to create a magnetic manicure that looks like you put so much time and effort in it!

See? Don't they look difficult? They're not! and I will prove it now!
So basically all you do is paint one coat and let it dry completely and then you paint a thick second coat and quickly you hold the cap with the magnet over it for a few seconds and voila: Magnetic Designs!

Let's see some closeups:

And the product info:
IMagnet by TommyG  this a bright gold polish with a glossy finish! (I got it from Hondos Center in Greece)
Magnetized by 17 this is a navy blue polish with a matte finish (I got it from Boots in England)

I absolutely love magnetic nail polishes now. If you're still not sure how it works you can watch my video that I demonstrate them! 



  1. wow gold looks so classy!!

    1. yeah, I love how intense the difference between the light and dark shade is after the magnet. definitely better polish quality than the blue one but I wish tommyg provided a bigger magnet. :)

  2. gold is not my colour I must say!
    but the blue one is greeeeeeeat!!

    1. I wanted something that looked like a metal for the magnetic effects and the blue was a very good shade! :)