Sunday, 19 February 2012

Beauty UK Review & Swatches

Hey there! 

I wanted to write this review since I got these products but I thought I should try them out for a little while. The brand is called Beauty UK and I got it from Superdrug. I think none of these products were more than 5 pounds so I thought it was a very good deal!

Eye palette in 'Smoke Screen'

This palette is ideal for a smokey eye in cool colours. It starts from white to grey and blue and black and if you combine these colours you can get a number of smokey eye looks. The two gel liners give different finishes for even more variety. The palette comes with a double sided brush which has a fluffy shadow brush and an angles eye liner brush. I found that the liners stay in place very well. The shadows need to be built up to achieve maximum opacity but I think for a smokey eye that you blend a lot anyway it is better to build up than to have too much pigmentation you can't get rid of. Swatches from left to right:

Eye shadow palette in 'Soho'

With all the craze about neutral natural colours I have had some trouble to find a palette with nice bright colours that make your eyes pop. So I was very pleased to find this one and I immediately got it! Most of the colours are very pigmented and when you put them in your eyes they show up very bright. I suggest you apply them very lightly if you don't want something extremely bold. I on the other hand LOVE bold colours and I think these shades will give the est pops of colour for spring and summer, especially with a bit of a tan. Also one thing you need to pay attention to when you apply them is fallout. If you are not careful there might be some fallout under your eyes which you can sweep away with a powder brush. Don't use your fingers because you might smudge it all over and you don't want that. Swatches from left to right, top row first.

 And a closer look..

Blush in 'Baked Peach'

For me this is an autumn/ winter colour. It's a warm colour and it is buildable on your skin so you can put the amount you want. Personally I don't like very obvious blush so I avoid very pigmented ones. I like this one because you can wear t very sheer but if you want something more obvious you can just put some more on and you're done. 

And here is the brand's website if you want to check it out:

Let me know what you think about those products and if you try any of them. Also feel free to ask anything I might have forgotten to cover in the review.



  1. I love Beauty UK products, have you tried their lipsticks? They have menthol in them and your lips tingle :p

    Those bright eye shadow colours will look awesome in the summer too :)

    1. No, I haven't but I will check them out next time! Any colour you think is good?

  2. I have the combo palette in disco...! I LOVE the liner side of the brush!!! Super thin!!! Wish they made it separate! Nice Review =)

    1. Really? It looks really cool! How does the blue gel liner look like when you wear it? :)