Monday, 6 February 2012

Neon Leopard Nails!

Hello!! ^_^

So, basically, a few days ago I asked on facebook what colour I should paint my nails because I was not very inspired and the reply was red, yellow and blue. So I took it as a challenge to create something fun with these colours and here's the result!

 I think leopard print is a really fun pattern to play with and I hadn't tried it before so I thought these colours would make a good unusual combination!

I painted my nails in neon yellow, then added some big red dots with the nail polish brush and then I did the blue details with a thinner brush for nail art.

I really liked the result but I don't think it suits this dull freezing weather we have right now. My nails feel completely out of place. I will make sure to repeat this colour combination in summer when there is sunshine and warmth. ;-)

Nail Polishes used:
Neon yellow: ? (the name has faded because I have it for years.. definitely a greek brand though)
Red: Berry Love by H&M
Blue: by Kiss Nail Art (part of a set) 

And here's another close look of the design. Let me know what you think about it!


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