Thursday, 29 March 2012

Maybelline 24 HR Color Tattoo Eyeshadows and Review!


Spring and warm weather are here and hopefully they are going to stay! I don't know about you, but when the weather gets warm I don't feel like using much powder on my face and that also includes eyeshadows. Therefore for me these color tattoos by Maybelline were an amazing product! I picked up four colours out of the ? number they are. And I say "?" because I have seen the american versions and they are 10 but in Greece and England I have been totally confused! So after some research I have ended up in this results:

American colours   VS   European colours:
Too Cool             -       Infinite White
Bold Gold           -        Eternal Gold
Bad to the Bronze     -     On and On Bronze
Audacious Asphalt    -     Immortal Charcoal
Tough as Taupe       -     Permanent Taupe
Tenacious Teal        -    Turquoise Forever
Painted Purple       -        Endless Purple
Fierce and Tangy       -    NOT AVAILABLE
Pomegranate Punk     -     NOT AVAILABLE
Edgy Emerald           -   NOT AVAILABLE
NOT AVAILABLE -            Eternal Silver
NOT AVAILABLE  -          Timeless Black

The thing is, in Greece I found the purple, taupe, bronze, turquoise, silver, black and white and in England I saw taupe, gold, bronze, purple, charcoal and turquoise so far. So, I don't know what is going on but I guess if you want all the colours you will have to look around a bit.

Now, let's go on to the ones I bought!

I got Turquoise Forever, Infinite White, On and on Bronze and Eternal Gold! And I love them!

The packaging is clear so you can see the colour from the bottom with a black cap which has a sticker with the name of the product in the colour it is. For me that is very practical in the morning that I am in a hurry because there's no need to open everything to find which one I want! I think they give off a very sleek vibe and I like having them somewhere I can see them because  they look pretty upside down!

The products themselves are very nice quality. When I first tried them in the store they did feel a bit dry but that is probably because they were opened a lot and not closed properly tight. I found that a it is possible for a thicker layer to be formed at the top but if you just put a bit more power with your finger and swirl it around it goes away and you get a smooth creamy eyeshadow. This helps blending it out to make it as sheer or as opaque you want it and blending the colours together very easily to make gorgeous eye looks!

Another thing I was wondering about was how long they would last and if they needed powder eyeshadow to stay in place. By swatching them on my hand I saw that the bronze one actually gave me a hard time to be cleaned with a face wipe after 6 hours! That did scare me at first but in the end I was just being silly because they come off easily when you want to remove them from your eyes at night. And they can stay on their own as eyeshadows perfectly without any powder on top on my skin which is normal (don't know what will happen with oily skin). They even went through a crying test, not on purpose, and they stayed in place so wow! lol I have also tried putting the gold colour on top of my lipstick to create a nice shimmery effect and it looked beautiful so that's another thing you can do! 

All in all, I have been loving these shadows since I got them and I have been wearing them every day! I think they are amazing and I totally recommend picking one up to try it! I might go back and try to get more of the colours because they are really nice and they will probably will be what I'll be wearing for the whole spring and summer when my skin get dryer from the sun.

That's it for now. Tell me if you have tried any of them and what you think! See you next time!


Friday, 23 March 2012

OOTN NFW Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Movie Night!

Hello again!!

As you probably know (from previous posts and video) that I was in Norwich for Norwich Fashion Week and I attended some of the events there. On Wednesday the 14th me and my boyfriend went to a showing of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (he loves Marilyn) which was vintage themed, hence the beehive on my hair (thanks to my friend Joanna). So, here's what I wore for that night!

I really really liked this outfit. The dress is a black and white bodycon dress from a small shop in Thessaloniki  with the white bit at the top being more girly with the puffy sleeves and I added the corset with the anchors from to give my waist some more definition. I adore corsets that go below your chest because you can pair them much more easily with outfits without looking too much. My flats are from Peacocks as I was too tired to walk around in heels that night and my leather jacket from Stradivarius just to give a more edgy vibe to the outfit.

And here's me trying to do the 'tough' look. I like this pic. It's one of those fake natural pose pics that you see.  lol. But you can see the outfit from the side which is nice. :)

And here's a close up of my clutch from Accessorize and my corset again. My nail polish is Berry Love from H&M just in case you were interested. I have posts with it further down from Christmas. 

This one was taken by the Vintage Norwich people who organised the event. If you're interested you can go check their website. They do several events and stuff. 

And that's it for now. Till next time,

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

OOTD A Pop Of Purple!


Today I have an outfit to show you that I wore a couple of night ago to the cinema. It is chic and comfortable and I absolutely love it! I got almost everything from the winter sales and I am very happy with those purchases!

Please excuse the state of my makeup as I had just watched Muppets and War Horse in a row and War Horse is a very sad film (no I did not cry) but really amazing! Actually, I might have a separate post talking about those two films. Hmmm... Good idea. ;)

So, to the clothes...
H&M sheer white shirt that goes quite long to cover you bum
Zara basics white tank top (the ones with the very thin strap) wardrobe staple for years
Stradivarius leggings in silver just to step away from my usual black ones
Stradivarius purple velvet blazer  (Joker be jealous!) the perfect way to add some colour to a plain outfit
H&M black and white statement necklace (1 euro from 10 that it was!!!)

The necklace definitely brings the whole outfit together and draws the eye back up to your face!

Accessorize black rose ring (2 years ago but there are lots of other rose accessories around)
Bracelet with purple thread was a gift so no idea where from

Oviesse black velvet bag (3 years ago)

Peacocks black ballet flats with bow (from the summer sales)

Overall this outfit is very nice for a spring chilled out evening that you want to be comfortable but still look chic and put together. Let me know what you think about it!


Monday, 12 March 2012

Vintage Polka Dots!

Hello everyone!

Spring is here, pastels are dominating the stores and a romantic mood is in the air. As a result I decided to paint my nails in a vintage inspired pattern with a romantic colour scheme that combines pastel with nude to give a softer look,

OPI's "My lifesaver" (see earlier post) and Nails Inc's "Basil Street" combined perfectly to create a beautiful manicure with a vintage feel.

This look is subtle and girly and can be created easily with the tip of a pencil!

I definitely recommend mixing nudes and pastels for this spring and be as creative as you can by creating pastel dots of different colours and sizes on each nail. The result will still look coherent because of the same colour pattern and you can definitely show your playful side. ;)

Until next time,
Kristine <3

Friday, 2 March 2012

Fluffy Pinks and Fashion News!


I discovered these cosy socks at Christmas and I've been loving them ever since. So I got the idea in my head to try and recreate their colour scheme and this is the result!

Basically I painted my nails with a pearly white polish (I used OPI's Play The Peonies) and when it dried I tapped big drops of that nail polish and of a pink one (MaxFactor's Dusky Rose) and mixed them on my nails with a toothpick. The result is what you see here, with white and pink mixing together for a nice effect.

After doing that I thought it would be a fun idea to try and stick some blue chunks that I found and see how they worked on my nails. So I used some top coat and there they are! I think they make a sharp contrast and make this romantic base a bit more edgy. Overall I was satisfied with the result but I have to say that putting the chunks at the bottom of the nails made them look shorter than they are which I didn't like so I would only try it with longer nails next time. As for the nail I filled with the blue chunks I think it would have looked neater if they were a bit more apart but it depends on the effect you are going for. Also you need to be patient if you mix polishes on your nails because you'll be creating a very thick layer that needs a lot of time to dry completely. 

And now for the news! I will be going to England next week and I found out that I will be exactly in time for Norwich Fashion Week!! I am really excited about that because there's so many events and I am looking forward to them! I will probably be doing some shopping and I will have new things to show you and hopefully I will get to do more outfit of the day posts!

So, that's it for now. See you soon!