Friday, 2 March 2012

Fluffy Pinks and Fashion News!


I discovered these cosy socks at Christmas and I've been loving them ever since. So I got the idea in my head to try and recreate their colour scheme and this is the result!

Basically I painted my nails with a pearly white polish (I used OPI's Play The Peonies) and when it dried I tapped big drops of that nail polish and of a pink one (MaxFactor's Dusky Rose) and mixed them on my nails with a toothpick. The result is what you see here, with white and pink mixing together for a nice effect.

After doing that I thought it would be a fun idea to try and stick some blue chunks that I found and see how they worked on my nails. So I used some top coat and there they are! I think they make a sharp contrast and make this romantic base a bit more edgy. Overall I was satisfied with the result but I have to say that putting the chunks at the bottom of the nails made them look shorter than they are which I didn't like so I would only try it with longer nails next time. As for the nail I filled with the blue chunks I think it would have looked neater if they were a bit more apart but it depends on the effect you are going for. Also you need to be patient if you mix polishes on your nails because you'll be creating a very thick layer that needs a lot of time to dry completely. 

And now for the news! I will be going to England next week and I found out that I will be exactly in time for Norwich Fashion Week!! I am really excited about that because there's so many events and I am looking forward to them! I will probably be doing some shopping and I will have new things to show you and hopefully I will get to do more outfit of the day posts!

So, that's it for now. See you soon!


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