Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter Nail Art!


My university just closed for Easter holidays and I thought I'd share some Easter nail art with you! So, if you celebrate Easter this weekend then I'm just on time, if you celebrate it next week like me then you have plenty of time to do your nails and if you don't celebrate Easter at all, well, here's a cute spring nail art idea. :)

Nail polishes used:
Nicole by OPI - My lifesaver
Essence - A lovely secret
Kiss Nail Art - pink and green

So you start with your clear base coat of choice and then you paint one nail purple and one seafoam green in turns as in the photos. Then you take the green polish with the thin brush and you make one line on the first nail and two in the next one and repeat in turns. Then with the pink one you start with two lines going the opposite direction and then one on the next nail and repeat. Do the opposite combinations on the other hand to create and mirror/negative effect.

Pair it with your favourite spring time clothes for a girly fashionable look!

So, let me know if you liked this look and please tweet me a picture if you decide to try it out!

Happy Easter/Spring!

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