Tuesday, 29 May 2012

What's Your Accent....Nail??

Hello!!! How are you all?

Lately I've been rocking a fun nail trend which is painting one (or more) nails a different colour, making it an accent nail. You can wear this look in a variety of ways by altering the nail you paint a different colour and creating contrasts by using different colours or patterns. The way I like doing it is more subtle, by choosing a colour similar to the other nails, but in a glitter polish. 

Since both those manicures are based on the same logic I thought I'd put them in the same post and save me and you the trouble of reading the same things twice. So, the polishes I used are the following!

Rising Sun by H&M - a bright sunshine yellow
Sunset Gold by H&M - a fine rose gold glitter
Misstique by Missguided - a bright teal (dupe for OPI's Fly I think)
Blue Addicted by Essence - blue based with fine blue glitter and teal and green hexagonal glitters (dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Across the universe)

The nail I like putting the glitter on is usually the ring finger and sometimes I also do my thumb. This time I only did the ring finger. And here's another look of the final result!

I hope you liked this post! let me know if you like doing an accent nail with your manicure and what nail and colours you prefer using. See you soon!


Saturday, 12 May 2012

Nail Fail: Water Marble


Nice to see you again. Today I thought I'd show you a manicure that didn't turn out as I wanted. Me and my best friend were playing around with my nail polishes trying to figure out what would work out and make some nice effects on water. However most of my polishes would dry too quickly and create a layer on top of the water so when we tried mixing hem it would smudge and not work out as we wanted. However in the end I liked all the pretty colour on my nails so I kept this for a few days until it chipped. I think water marble is trickier than it looks but I'll definitely try again. For now I thought I'd show you the "nail fail" and hopefully make you laugh a bit. After all it's all about having fun with makeup and facing everything with humour. ;)

Till next time,