Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sweet Stripes and Dots

So, I spent a week with a french manicure and after it I needed to do something fun and colourful!

Polishes used:
white thin brush polish
My Lifesaver by Nicole by OPI
Rising Sun by H&M
A Lovely Secret by Essence
Coral Road by H&M

I painted fours of  my fingernail with different colours and made white stripes on them and then I painted my thumb white and made dots with the four other colours to tie the design and colour scheme together. 

I think it's a very fun design that incorporates brights and pastels which have been very popular this spring and summer and with the white it gives a vintage candy store vibe that makes me want ice cream.

I think stripes is a very fun and easy way to spice up a manicure and I love it very much!

Let me know if you try it!


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Nail Art!


As you may know, his weekend England celebrates the Queens 60 years of reign and everyone is in a very patriotic mood. So I thought I'd mark this event with some nice British nail art!

Polishes used:
1. Berry Love by H&M
2. Electric Blue by Maybelline
3. Confetti Kisses by H&M
4. White by Olivia

Here's is how you do the Union Flag in 5 simple steps in pictures!
For St George's Cross flag do step 1+2 with white and red nail polish!
For the ring finger I used some silver glitter because it looks kind of like diamonds!

And here's he finished hand! I really like this manicure. It looks so festive and bright!

Now I'm taking my union flag clutch from Accessorize and I'm good to go! I hope you all have a lovely weekend!