Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Golden Shore Manicure

Hello beauties!

Today I have a summery manicure inspired by the sea and the beach sand. 

Nail polishes used:
Essie Coat Azure
H&M Sunset Gold

The COAT AZURE polish came as an accident because I wanted another Essie colour and the order got completely messed up but since I'm not in America and I had a friend ordering it for me by the time he brought it to Greece and I saw it was the wrong one there was nothing I could do because he was not going back to america for months. At first I was not sure about the colour because in the bottle I could see a pearly shimmery effect that I didn't like but when I actually tried it it came much more muted  but with a nice sheen to it. Also it looks amazing on my skintone. VERDICT: I love it! I think it's going up with my favourite nail polishes because it looks so good on me!

SUNSET GOLD is a polish I have been pairing with yellow so far so there was not such a sharp contrast before. As it turns out it's much more grainy over a darker colour because the glitters are chunky. Still I think it worked for this look because it is as if I dipped my nails in the sand. Other than that I advise you to let each coat dry before applying a new layer because it may get a bit thick.

Also you can see I took photos against different things to check how the manicure looks with different colours you may have on your outfits. I would suggest pairing muted colours with bright ones to create contrast and make all the colours pop! 

Also I love roses... lol

Let me know what you think!


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  1. beautiful manicure, it looks like the sea in summer! Love the nails on the "What's Your Accent....Nail??" post ;)
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