Saturday, 28 July 2012

OPI: The Show Must Go On!

Hello there!

Yes. The show must go on indeed. Even if this nail polish was not incredibly beautiful on its own I think the name would have probably sold it to me. And I know that this is from the Burlesque collection (which is 2 years old so you will probably not find it unless your Sephora too is ridiculously random at what it stocks) but I keep thinking Queen when I hear the title.

direct sunlight

So, the polish itself is a beautiful metallic red colour with a gold and magenta duochrome effect according to the lighting. That's why I had to take lots of photos so I could show you as best as I could how pretty it is!

noon, under shadow


The finish reminded me of hammered metal as it was not smooth or glossy (it could be because my topcoat is starting to dry out) but I decided I liked it because it's a metallic colour and it's unusual (you know how I love being different that the normal).


direct sunlight

I also decided to add some nail stickers on my thumb and ring finger to make the look a bit more girly and fun. Nail stickers are an easy way to glam up your manicure if you are not confident with nail art or you are in a hurry.


 incandescent lamp

I can totally see why this colour was in a holiday collection as it reminds me of wrapping paper and ribbons and presents. As much as I find it gorgeous I think I may save it for special occasions and parties and opt for my staple creamy red (Berry Love by H&M) for the rest of summer.

direct sunlight

Btw.. I know I said the show must go on but the show tonight (the Olympics opening ceremony) just ended and I just have to say.. how amazing was that? I loved it so much!

Ok, back to the point. I hope you liked this manicure and I'll see you on my next post!


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