Monday, 16 July 2012

Rainbows Reversed


I feel I do apologise a lot for not posting enough but there are things going on and I feel a bit depressed. So what I'm trying to do is make sure I put my makeup on every day and paint my nails something cheerful. I do believe that colours can improve your mood so today I decided to paint my nails and my toes like a rainbow.

I thought it would be too much to try and put all the colours in one nail so I thought I could just put 3 and have the rainbow continue on the next nail.

Polishes used:

H&M Berry Love
KISS pink
H&M Coral Road
H&M Rising Sun
KISS green
BUTTER LONDON British Racing Green
KISS electric blue

So here's how the finished hand looks. The rainbow starts on the end of the nails goes to the middle finger and then the colours reverse so that you get 2 reversed rainbows in each hand!

And here's a single rainbow up close....

As for my toes I decided to paint each toe a single colour because they are small but the effect is also quite nice!

And how the toes look from a distance!

I hope you liked this look and that it made you smile! ^_^ Life needs colour even in the smallest things because the truth is that it's hard and the best each one can do is make sure the small details you actually can control are made fun and special.


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