Sunday, 26 August 2012

Nail Illusion! Make Your Nails Look Shorter!

Hey there!!!!

I must admit I have a soft spot for long nails. But not everyone agrees with me and sometimes people think my nails are a bit too long. So here's a little trick to make people think your nails are shorter than they really are.

First of all you paint your nails with a light colour. Then with a darker polish you make a line as if you were doing a french manicure, but instead of painting the tip you paint where the white part of your nail begins. 

The polishes I used here are a neon pink from Beauty Line which is a greek company and Coat Azure by Essie. 

What this line will do is create the illusion of a boundary where the dark polish is ad from a distance it will look like your nails end at that length. Of course if someone looks closer they will see where the real tip is but the brain will register the dark line as a line and will not completely grasp the width of it as nail surface unless someone really focuses on it for a while which is not very likely.

I like this tip to make my nails look less dangerous to people but still keep them nice and long. (although now I'll be packing and moving I'll have to cut them). I suggest trying this out and even if you don't manage to fool people it is still a cute and easy manicure that will look adorable all year round with different colour combinations

Aslso here's a cheeky toe pic because I painted them to match and made a little flower from five dots. :)

I hope you liked this design and please tell me if you try it out!

Kristine ^_^

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