Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Fashion News and Trends Fall 2012

Hey there!

Today I was reading some articles here and there and I learnt a few things I wanted to share with you!

1. YSL is changing name! Apparently now Hedi Slimane is in charge he wants to give the brand a makeover starting with the name which will be Saint Laurent Paris. The YSL logo will remain the same though.

2. Red and Cobalt: yes these colours have been around for fall and winter for a while and they dominate my wardrobe if you wanted to know. Keeping in mind the recession this is a good thing as we can be super trendy without buying new clothes. And for those who want to go the extra mile may I suggest a little DIY? Just get  some studs and put them on the shoulder area of a plain top. Instant glam! Exactly like those out in the shops! ;)

3. Baroque or I found this tapestry and decided to wear it: Velvet, embroidery, flowers. For me this is a very heavy look ad should be worn in small doses to avoid becoming kitsch. However, fashion designers disagree so if you want to go all out go ahead!

4. Edwardian: Think Downton Abbey and Jane Austen. Did someone see my Tardis? The past is such an inspiration lately I'm getting worried. Is everyone so full of fresh takes on old trends or are we out of creativity for good? I do happen to like the trend though. Long dresses, luxurious fabrics, intricate designs but not as out there as the baroque ones. So classy and beautiful. And not really my style. Ideally mix with some gothic elements to make it more edgy. I'll come back to it in 30 years when I feel more mature. :p

5. Vintage is here to stay: 50s and 60s are still a source for inspiration. So go to a thrift store for some original vintage pieces or pick up something vintage inspired from high street. I just wish the style would be a little less Mad Men and more Austin Powers... just for the fun of it.. Groovy baby! ;)

6. Persistent pastels: from spring to summer and now fall.. Either you choose a pastel pair of trousers to add some colour to an outfit or a pretty girly dress you can't go wrong. I'd suggest mixing it with the vintage trend for a good old times vibe.

7. Get your triangles out! No, we're not doing math. geometric patterns are on trend and the easiest way to rock the trend is with a nice triangle statement necklace. Wear over a nice blouse for some edge on a feminine look!

8. Going hunting my lord? No? The you're either Sherlock or the Doctor. Or you stole an old man's wardrobe. With all the weeds and knits and very traditional british patterns I do half expect to see the dogs chasing some foxes or someone smoking a pipe sitting on a big leather chair in front of a bookcase. You get the idea. I am not a very big fan of that trend but I think you can find some nice fitted pieces and use some accents from this trend to spice up a plain outfit.

9. Sir yes sir! No, I'm not joining the army but that doesn't mean I can't rock some military inspired coats with shiny buttons. I find those very sexy (and I've been wearing them for years now when you could barely find them in shops). Pair them with some leggings, tall boots and wear with confidence! 

10. Where are my dragons? Excuse the Game of Thrones quote. The theme though here is far east. You know, dragons, sakura blossoms and a modern take on kimonos. I don't like it but if you do, go for it!

11. The Matrix! Leather is back. Faux for your sake! Animals shouldn't pay for our fashion choices. I love this trend. Get some leather trousers, jackets, dresses, boots on! If you let me loose I'd be walking around like Trinity or Catwoman. Take your pick. I'd look hot anyway. :p Just kidding (on the looking hot bit because I'd probably do go around like a comicbook character). I might go for a nice pair of leather trousers with a black sheer blouse though. Just a warning. Stick around the blog and you might see this eventually. And you know what looks good with leather? Studs! I don't know if it's me but studs are everywhere right now. And pairing studs and leather gives you a glam rock look. Just don't start a band unless you have a good voice. Btw... shiny mustard leather looks bad! You can't change my mind! 

12. Trends that have survived due to popular demand: the designers may have brought out some new things but people are still discovering some last year ones. I shall briefly mention a few but you will probably have already seen them around. Peplums: in dresses, tops and skirts peplums are getting more popular with more people. Zara has some good items if you want to take a look. Skater dresses: they have been around for a few years now and they are becoming a basic in women's wardrobes. What changes each season is the colour and the material. Have fun with it! Cutouts: missing shoulders, holes in the back or in the front around the waist are also a popular design for the more daring shoppers. If you aren't sure try something on and see how it looks on you. You don't have to buy it if you don't like it. Sheer blouses: They are everywhere! Paired with bandeaus, regular tops, or nohing underneath (!) they can be dressed up or dressed down and be worn from day to night. I suggest getting a couple for a change from your regular blouses. 

Ok, so I hope you found this information interesting and you learnt something new. Please comment and tell me your opinions on these trends and which ones you are excited to try for this fall!


Disclaimer: NONE of the photos belong to me! I found them online!

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