Thursday, 8 November 2012

First Taste Of Christmas!

Are you guys feeling festive at all? I know I am! The only thing that reminds me it's still November is the calendar because everything else screams Christmas! The shops have put up trees and decorations, there's Christmas music around and the the lights in Oxford Street were turned on on Monday. Also, Starbucks has brought out the Christmas flavours! Yay!

I don't know why I always get so excited about these drinks.  My favourite by far in the Toffee Nut Latte which I can drink all day if you let me.... But today I thought I'd go get something else, so Gingerbread Latte it is. I don't regret this choice because it's like eating gingerbread cookies dipped in your normal coffee and it's to die for. There's also Eggnog Latte which I've never tried before and Praline Mocha which is ok but not  my best one. I remember one year there was Dark Cherry Mocha too but I didn't like it that much so I don't mind not seeing it again. Do you have a favourite Starbucks drink?

So in this Christmas spirit and since I was going though a box I keep the few seasonal decorations I was able to bring with me when I moved, I came across this little cute Santa hat, which was the card on a present from last Christmas that I decided to keep. And I thought to myself: I can put this back in the box or I can hang it with my jewellery and be merry. As you probably guessed I hanged it. And I also hanged a silver star that my grandmother made years ago and somehow got separated from the other decorations and has been with me ever since wherever I've lived (as seen in the first pic).

Continuing with the festive atmosphere, I tweeted this photo yesterday after I painted my nails. This gorgeous OPI metallic red (The Show Must Go On) is ideal to bring the holidays closer. I hadn't painted my nails with it since summer when I did this blog post on it so I thought why not? Indeed I find myself drawn to metallic shades lately, for which I blame Christmas as those shades remind me of bells, lights and baubles!

Now let's get a tiny bit silly... The earrings above and below have been in my possession for 6 years now. I got them from Accessorise and have been wearing them every December ever since. They both have battery powered lights that twinkle and are very cute. You can imagine my professors at school and uni being very amused and sometimes annoyed with me for having Christmas lights hanging from my ears, but I just switched them off and acted innocent. Eventually everyone understood I was hopelessly silly and crazy and they paid no attention... It also helped that I was a very good student and had done my reading when I acted silly like that.

I don't know if Accessorize will come out with these specific designs again but they do have festive earrings ever year and I remember seeing trees, penguins and reindeer at different years. I wonder what it will be this year....

Now if you want to be festive but don't want to go all out, I can also suggest earrings such as these above and below, which I got last year from Claire's. The Christmas trees are the bolder option and they may not suit everyone's style so feel free to pick something more like the snowflakes which are subtle and delicate but still festive enough. You can of course just get some Christmas themed studs, which will be even more subtle and easy to wear all day. Unfortunately I do not have any to show you right now but I may acquire some in the future.

I also wanted to show you these sparkly hair accessories which are also from Accessorize and are quite big and obvious when you wear them. They are silly and childish and I love them but I know not everyone will so feel free to laugh. The eyes move which makes them look even sillier and in my opinion really really cute! If you want to try them but don't want to go out in public wearing them, just pair them with a silly Christmas jumper, make a cup of your favourite hot drink, light a scented candle and relax at home watching a film with friends and family.

I also thought I should point out I am not allowing myself to wear any of these Christmas accessories until December (maybe mid November if I prove to be too weak) but I decided to put them up with my regular jewellery now to make my room look a bit more festive (I also do not allow myself to go buy proper Christmas decorations until around the same time).

The thing that I do allow myself to use though, mostly because I do use it all year round, is this Starbucks mug I got as a Christmas present a few years ago. I don't really know why, but, even if I use it almost every day, when I use it at Christmas it feels much more festive than it does in summer. I really want to get another Starbucks Christmas mug these holidays because I find them adorable and the designs change every year so it will be like starting a really cute festive collection. :) We shall see...

 For now I think I'll go make another hot drink or maybe get a glass of squash and continue with my reading for uni. And please, if I get lazy and don't update the blog tweet me to get off my @$$ and write something.


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