Sunday, 10 February 2013

Collection Big Fake Ultimate Mascara Review


As I mentioned in my last video, I was running out of my Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara and I wanted to try something new. Since I generally love the Collection products I have tried, I thought I would give their mascaras a chance. The packaging claimed to give a false lash effect, so I thought it would be fun to try it out.

First let's have a look at the claims they make about it on the Collection website:
- water resistant formula
- triples lash volume
- stretches each individual lash
- no smudging or clumping
- red packaging and brush

So, ok the packaging is red, but, unless you have a particular reason for wanting that, it is not really important. As for the brush, once it is covered in mascara, it looks black. Bit of a fail in the logic behind this I think. I do love that the brush is big though, because I can avoid having to go over the lashes multiple times in order to get the product on. 

The formula is quite nice, I am not sure if it will stay put underwater, but I watched a sad film and teared up and there was no smudging. When you take it off, though, it does get everywhere. You start with panda eyes when the wipe touches your eyes (which only look good in pandas), but at least this means it is easy to remove without having to rub your eyelashes and damage them. 

Now, what it does to your lashes. As it claims, there is no clumping. I hate spider lashes so I liked that there was none of that. It also feels very lightweight, which I really like. As for triple lash volume and stretching individual lashes, I think the claims are a bit too far fetched. I did not see a huge difference in volume, and the lengthening was only due to the fact it is so black that it really colours the ends of the lashes, which tend to be thinner.

Overall I was satisfied with it. It does not look like I have big fake lashes on, and I am quite happy about that. It may not live up to its claims, but what I ended up with was a really natural 'your lashes but better' effect. Definitely a day time mascara for me, I will use it but probably not repurchase it after it is finished.

 For the price of 5.99 would you consider trying it?


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