Sunday, 21 April 2013

REVIEW: Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick!

Hey there!

As you know (and finally can feel outside) it's spring. One of my favourite spring looks is orange lips and I decided to get a new orange lipstick and at the same time try out the new Bourjois lipsticks! It was also a good thing that the only orange lipstick I liked was from this line even if I had to look for it in 3 different Boots that were sold out and finally buy it from Superdrug. Oh well, at least I got it. The shade is number 10,  Rouge Buzz.

The Bourjois website states that it is designed to have a glossy finish and keep the lips hydrated for 10 hours due to the orchid extract it contains. When you first put it on it does feel very soft and creamy, it slides on like a dream and it leaves a nice shiny finish but nothing too glossy or sticky. I know that the latest trend is to have lips that look wet but I hate it. It feels unnatural and makes me think it will smudge. I know it's in my mind but I don't want my mind to be on my lips instead of enjoying my time.

Moving on, the staying power is quite good, I had lunch and tea and my lips were still nice and bright afterwards. Although it did leave orange lip marks on my mug so I suppose if you intend to kiss anyone you may need to be careful.

Here's a swatch on my lips and the back of my hand to see how it looks. It a red orange so if you want you can even use it instead of red lipstick for a fresher look.

Overall I think this is a very good lipstick for the price of 7.99 pounds and it can easily become a staple in mine and your spring and summer makeup bag!

Let me know if your decide to get it or if you have any other colours from the line!


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