Monday, 10 June 2013

PRIMARK OOTD: Summer Mermaid!

Hey there!

I do not know if you noticed but there was sun outside last week! So I decided to go out for a walk in the park and my friend, Maria, offered to take some pictures of my outfit for the blog (no friends were harmed in the making of this blog post). 

I know the cut of the skirt is not a mermaid style but the whole outfit reminds me of mermaids because of the colour. It is a nice change from the traditional ombre look that you see everywhere, which goes from top to bottom, and the pleats make it move a lot more and create an effect of the different blue hues chasing each other in the light, like I imagine they would reflect on the scales of a mermaid's tail.

Top - Primark
Skirt - Primark
Shoes - Primark
Bag - Primark
Headband - Primark
Earrings - H&M
Glasses - Accessorize

A note on the shoes: they are quite comfortable and easy to walk but I found two problems with them. The bow is screwed on the shoe and if it keeps twisting it can be unscrewed so I'd suggest unscrewing it at home, putting some superglue and screwing it again. Also, the bottom part of the screw can dig into your skin so you can either add a plaster every time you wear them or put a piece of fabric to cover the screw for good (ideally after the superglue so the bows won't come off). The second issue is that the plastic between the toes can cause blisters after wearing them daily for about a week, so keep that in mind too.

I must say I really love this outfit because it is bright and happy and it is a nice change from the dark colours I would wear in winter. I should also probably warn you that it does attract looks and comments in the street so be prepared for that.

And just because I did not want to carry a neutral bag, I decided to go with a bright pink one instead! What can I say, I love my colours! This bag can fit my DSLR camera, my wallet, notebook, pen, makeup etc... I like being prepared for things (add an axe for potential zombie apocalypse). 

Anyway, I must go now. I hope you enjoyed this post and you will be brave enough to wear bold colours! London needs more colourful people to balance out the suits! Again a big thanks to Maria for taking the pictures! See you next time!

Love you!


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  2. Hi! Do you think is possible to buy this skirt somewhere now? I'm totally in love with it! Maybe you are interested in selling it? :) its perfect!

    1. I can't find it anywhere online I'm afraid. :/ It's one of my favourite skirts too so I don't want to sell it.

      A very similar style and feel is also in this skirt that I got prom Primark the year after
      and this one I did find on ebay here