Friday, 5 July 2013

REVIEW! July Magazine Goodies!


What girl does not love a magazine? They are a great way to see the latest trends, find out what is happening in the world (yes they do include serious articles in there it is not all gossip and superficiality) and get some good tips for various things. They also include some very nice freebies, which are a great way to try out a few products without actually having to buy the full size and risk not liking them. Could not get better than that!

So, the magazines I buy every month are Cosmopolitan and Glamour because I really like reading them. For their July issues they had quite a few products to give away so I thought I would let you know what I thought about them. Let's begin!

- L'Oreal Hair Expertise Ever Riche shampoo: My first thought is that L'Oreal has a bit of an obsession with the word 'riche' (see the Color Riche lipstics). I think shampoo is shampoo and it is hard to see results from just a sample. Out of all the shampoos I have tried in my life the only one I would say stood out was the Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo and the rest have been at most ok. So I suppose maybe this one has some effect after a few uses but after just one I can not say anything other than it cleaned my hair.
- Durex Play lube: I have to admit this made me laugh. Imagine the boardroom conversation 'I know what our readers will lube!' Anyway, admittedly I have not had the chance to try that (having no boyfriend currently and such..) and I am not even sure how you judge lube really. I know that a friend has tried it, though, and it is supposed to be all right. . 
- Garnier BB Cream: At first I was a little bit surprised they still give samples of this products seeing as the product came out more than a year ago but I suppose advertising never hurt anyone. The shade that I got was medium and it was too dark for me. However I do have the full size product in light and I do use it on days I am at home and I only want a little bit of coverage so that I even out my skin tone and I do not scare people by having a naked face (ok my skin is not that bad but there is always room for improvement). I would recommend this product unless you live somewhere very hot because in Greece it felt like it was melting off of my face. It has been fine in England though so that is a good thing.
- Nivea In Shower Body Moisturizer: Apparently this is the new craze. Instead of putting on body butter after taking a shower you can use this product inside the shower and rinse it off and apparently it will keep your skin moisturized. In my opinion, that was not any kind of a revelation. It was not a bad product and it may save you the time of waiting for your body butter to be absorbed but for me personally it is not something I needed.
- Sunglasses: These glasses are Ray Ban look alikes and everyone and their grandmother has the original ones. I grew up wanting a pair of my own but they do not really suit my face so I would not buy them. I think getting one that looks like them for free, especially since I know I will probably hardly ever wear them seemed like a good idea.
- ModelCo Fibre LashXtend mascara: I have been using this mascara for a few days. Its main selling point is its lengthening ability but I personally like it more because it defines individual lashes quite well. I quite like using it.
- Scholl Dry Skin Instant Recovery Cream: This was a product I wanted to try for some time because in summer my feet tend to get a bit dry. I was quite pleased with it because it did make my feet nice and soft and I will probably get the full size next time I am out shopping. It is a good and useful product to have around. Let your feet be nice and soft!
- Mentos Strawberry Mix: That is one sweet I was excited about! In the normal mentos pack I always loved the pink ones so now I know they make a pack with just the pink ones I will be all over it! I just love it! Better make sure I don't drink coke with it though. I have seen those videos and I do not want that happening in my stomach...
- Smint mints: That is one intense mint! I remember years ago trying out the peach flavour and I had really loved it. I think the mint ones may be a bit too strong for me but they are still a good thing for your handbag to keep your breath fresh when you go around and talk to people.

All in all it was really fun having all the samples and the sweets! I hope my comments on them were helpful to you in case you want to try the products or if you want to go get the magazines and try the samples yourself. That is always fun. Talk to you next time!

Love you!

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