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REVIEW! Urban Decay Oz The Great and Powerful: Glinda and Theodora palettes

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A couple of months ago I watched the Oz the Great and Powerful film and then I saw these two palettes in store. I was in the market for some new eyeshadows and I wanted to try Urban Decay's products as well so this was the perfect chance. I've been using them since they day they arrived, so here is what I think about them!

Theodora mostly has neutral shades, apart from the green duo, which is a referrence to when she turns into the Wicked Witch of the West. Glinda has light colours, with shimmer, which reflect Glinda's iconic sparkly look.

In a way the two palettes mirror and complement each other.


All the Glinda shadows are beautiful, but the one which impressed me most was the white part of Aura. On its own it looks whitish with a hint of blue (look 2) but if you layer it over something darker it changes to a navy blue colour. The liner on eye look 3 below is exactly that! The silver part of Oz too is quite impressive, very pigmented and bright. Tornado and Magic can also create very girly looks (look 1) and remind me of the colours I used when I first started doing makeup as a teenager. Absolutely love this palette for daytime looks! 
The eye liner is also very good, it goes on smooth and easy and it looks very good with the shadow colours.
Some examples of eye looks you can do with this palette are the first four below.
The lip pen, on the other hand, was not really the right colour for me. My natural lips are more red toned and it made them look brown instead of nude. As I mentioned in one of my videos, I would rather have a baby pink colour with the palette.


The Theodora colours are more natural and can create slightly more intense day and nighttime looks (5-8). I find Broken and Beware a little bit chalky but Bewitch and West are quite creamy and I prefer their shades anyway. Spell is also a duo that I would gladly buy on its own for some dramatic going out looks (see look 7). Jealous is also a good duo (look 6) but I know that it can be a bit too colourful for some people.
The black liner is again smooth and creamy and goes on very well.
The lip pen is a bright red that suits me quite well, but it does not have the best staying power. It feels a bit sticky and can stain your lips while at the same time if you eat something it will fade and leave that annoying lip liner line effect. I would suggest keeping it with you and reapplying during the day when you use it.

Sample Looks

All in all, I would recommend the palettes as they are quite good value for money, each priced at 35 pounds. My suggestion, though would be to get both of them and use them in combination, to create even more looks. Let me know if you have tried them or want to try them!


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