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Instagram Outfits of the Month! November!

Hey there!

I think this post is going to be a monthly one. I love my iphone and Instagram so I use it a lot.
This month I do not have that many outfits, the reason being that I was working and I had a uniform I wore every day and on my days off I was mostly tired and wanted to stay in pjs and sleep. Let's get on to the outfits though!

Outfit 1
Top - Peacocks
Skirt - Stradivarius
Shoes - New Look

I have worn this outfit a few more times in the past year and I quite like it. It is fairly simple and you can wear it for dinner, drinks and even for a night out. It is definitely a go to combo for when I do not have time to think about what to wear and I would strongly advise you to have a few of those in your wardrobe because they do come handy.

Outfit 2
Top - Primark
Skirt - Primark
Boots - New Look
Necklace - Primark
Belt - Primark

I wanted to see what a skater skirt would look like with tall boots. It was an experiment. I am still not sure about it. I know I prefer skater skirts with ankle boots but the weather is quite old so I am going to go for practicality and tall boots that will keep me warm. I would really like to know your opinion on the matter though. Also I believe the necklace is definitely what makes the outfit and I love how it looks so I hope this trend will be popular for some time. Baroque is such a good trend!

Outfit 3
Top - Primark
Sequin Cardigan - Primark
Leather effect leggings - Stradivarius
Boots - New Look
Ring - Primark
Earrings - H&M
Nails - ORLY Star Spangled

I bought this cardigan last year around Christmas but I never got round to wearing it. So I decided to wear it for karaoke in the pub I usually go to. I got a lot of compliments on in and I was quite pleased with it. It is probably my favourite outfit of the month because I felt sexy and I drew attention to my curves but without showing anything. I will definitely wear it again at some point over the holidays!

Outfit 4
Top - local shop in Crete
Jeggings - Primark
Boots - New Look
Coat - Terranova
Scarf - gift

So, the day after karaoke I was quite hangover and could not keep any food down but the one after that I wore this nice outfit and went with some friends to an art exhibition in the Royal Academy. The theme was Australian art through the centuries and, like all other art, some I liked and some I did not. And then I was really craving sausages and mash and also thought I would go for a walk around Oxford Street. Overall a good day. As for the outfit, it is another go to choice that I wear with little changes for the past five years. It is kind of a classic 'me' outfit.

Nail of the Day - Uptown Glamour by Nails Inc

Outfit 5
Top - Terranova
Skirt - Primark
Cardigan - H&M
Belt - Primark
Boots - New Look
Necklace - Primark

I have mentioned I love roses, right? When I bout this skirt I wanted to find a way to make it work for winter time and this is what I came up with. The top is actually lace because I wanted to have some texture but it was not that obvious because it was mostly covered by the cardigan. The belt helps define my waist and pull the whole outfit together. The comment I heard about my outfit that night (it was a friend's birthday) was that my style showed I have a creative personality. I do, but I can not see how they got that from the outfit. Feel free to explain it to me if you do!

Outfit 6
Top - Levi's
Shorts - Stradivarius
Neklace - Primark
Boots - New Look

Yeah, I do live in these boots. I love them. They are nice and warm. And they were only ten pounds, although that was because they were on sale in August, when people do not really get boots. However, I knew I would wear them in winter, as I am obviously doing, so it was a great bargain. The knit top I think I have since I was 13 or something. It was a gift from my godmother and I still wear it to keep warm because it is very cosy.

Outfit 7
Shirt - Zara
Trousers - Zara
Shoes - New Look
Nails - MODELS OWN Pink Fizz

First day of work in Zara. This was my uniform, apart from the shoes that I had not gotten the uniform ones yet. I did like it as a uniform but having to wear the same thing every day does get a bit boring. Plus you have to do laundry all the time. Anyway, the thing is that I could see me picking that out as a normal outfit as well because I do wear black and blue a lot. Imagine how awkward it would be if someone walked into Zara dressed like the employees.  

Outfit 8
Shirt - Primark
Shorts - Stradivarius
Boots - Primark
Jacket - Stradivarius

This was my Doctor Who inspired outfit, from the things Karen Gillan would wear as Amy Pond. I wore this to the cinema for the 50th anniversary special and, before you say anything, I know she was not in it but that was the best I could do as a last minute thing, because I did not have time to plan it in advance. I like the outfit a lot as well, because tartan is really on trend currently and I think it is quite versatile. And yes, that is a sonic screwdriver. 


You already saw the sausages so I thought I would show you some more food. I like food. Food is good.

Starbucks Toffee Nut syrup and Christmas mugs!

Burger and Oreo milkshake

Fish and chips in Chip + Fish

Cheese and wine in the Kensington Wine Rooms

This brings me to the end of this post. I hope you liked the outfits! Follow my Instagram for even more pictures!

Love you very very much!

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