Friday, 25 April 2014

Fashion Fix! A Day In Cambridge!

Well hello there!

I believe you may have noticed my absence the past few months. I have been working a lot and therefore had no time to sit down and blog properly. All the stuff that I have been writing recently have been for ReadWave and have been super interesting and exciting! However, I kept taking photos of some things, like this great day I had with Amy in Cambridge last month!

I look pretty chilled in these photos but the truth is I was freezing without my coat. I even had to borrow this cardigan from Amy because just the dress and coat were not enough. Blogging comes first though!

This slightly school uniform inspired tartan dress is something I loved wearing this winter and totally plan to keep for spring as well. It is a little on the short side though, but I have no shame, so it's all good.

My Outfit: Dress - Primark, Boots - New Look, Coat - Primark, Bag - Primark

This is what I call my Alice in Wonderland photo. I absolutely love it! And those flowers below look unreal!

What I find quite amusing is that Amy's outfit is like the teacher counterpart to my schoolgirl. A nice navy dress with a coral cardigan and tan brogue shoes, belt and bag. A nice way to add a pop of colour and keep warm on a rainy day in Cambridge.

By the way, a big thanks to the poor guy we made to take this last photo (and several others that I have not posted here) and a big thanks to all of you for being patient with me and reading this blog.

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Love you very very much!

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