Friday, 10 April 2015

The Spring LBD Challenge: Let The Sunshine In

Hey guys!

I hope you're enjoying the sun and planning your holidays. I've been very excited for spring and summer for a while now and all the amazing fashion there is out there. So many outfits, so little time...

Anyway, I was invited by Daily Look to put together a Spring outfit using something from their Little Black Dress Collection and any other items I liked, and I thought that this one would look really cool! I love a good pop of colour and I've been a little obsessed with yellow lately. Besides, it also matches my yellow 5C iphone.

My LBD of choice is this lovely classic button down tunic, and the main reason I love it is that you can wear it as a dress or a shirt, keep it buttoned up or unbuttoned like a kimono so you can see what you are wearing underneath. This is exactly what I decided to play around with in this outfit too.

Since I am quite tall I can't always get away with short dresses like this so a pair of shorts underneath is a must. I picked this floral print skort because it has those lovely yellow flowers to be spring appropriate but it is a black based floral print so it goes well with my target look.

Since I have established that my main colour pop would be yellow, I thought a nice lace bralette would be the perfect thing to wear under the dress. I plan to have the first few buttons of the tunic undone so that you can see a bit of the lace and the rest is still going to be visible through the black fabric anyway.

The Candy Jeweled necklace will also help draw the eye up to the neck so you can notice all the nice little details and it adds a couple more colours to the outfit, paving the way for a nice coral lipstick to match the coral stones on it.

A nice yellow bag will also go very well with this outfit and you can put all of your things in it to carry them around. I like cross body bags the best, especially when travelling, because they feel much safer.

As for shoes, I must admit I love gold sandals, as they make a look a little more glamorous but without adding a colour. I always try have at least one pair of gold sandals handy in summer. Also their name means you can make 300 impressions.. THIS IS SPARTA! I couldn't resist... 

The final touch for my outfit is some gold tattoos. I am loving this trend as gold tattoos look so much better than black ones. You can also be quite creative with them and create your own designs on your body. Perfect for festivals too!

I definitely recommend checking out Daily Look and see what will inspire you for your own spring and summer outfits. And don't forget your ice creams!

Lots of love,

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