Tuesday, 14 July 2015

FANCY DRESS! Easy Star Wars Costumes!

Hey guys!

I decided to start a new series of posts, all about Fancy Dress (which here in England means dressing up in costumes and not formal wear just to avoid confusing our American friends) and Cosplay which is the Japanese version of the same thing, although with a lot more effort put into it. My first post is going to be all about Star Wars as we went to Secret Cinema's The Empire Strikes Back production this week with my colleagues for our team night out and had to dress up for it.

Costume 1: Sexy Jedi

For a Jedi costume all you really need is some brown clothes and a robe. The robe was actually part of this men's Jedi costume from Angels Fancy Dress. I wanted to do a sexy version so I went for a short dress with boots, but leggings and a tank top or any other brown items that make you feel comfortable will also do. For guys, again just find some brown trousers and a brown top and throw a robe on. Accessories like fabric or leather belts will also add to the costume and make it more realistic.

Dress - local shop
Boots - Avenue
Jedi robe, belt and light saber - Angel's Fancy Dress (£29)
Hairband - Primark

Costume 2: Han Solo

Zack decided to put an outfit together from things he already had in his wardrobe and be Han Solo. Every man should own a white shirt or a white top, then just put on a pair of dark trousers and get a waistcoat. His was a cheap find from a charity shop. Literally a bargain!

Shirt- Zara
Waistcoat - Charity Shop in East Finchley (for £2)
Jeans - Uniqlo
Shoes - Aldo

I should have expected Zack to have put a cool outfit together, as he recently launched Stylio, a new fashion app that lets you find and hire a personal shopper to go shopping with you and help you pick out new outfits. Cool, right?

Costume 3: Governor of the Alliance

Sanchita's inspiration for her costume was part Princess Leia and part leader of the Alliance. While not being a specific character from the movies, she definitely nailed the look. I mean I could easily imagine her going in and taking control of the situation. She could also probably have her own Storm Trooper army. Yes I know they are the bad guys but she would love that... To get her look all you need is white trousers, a white tunic style top and a leather belt. It could not get any easier!

Costume 4: The Jawa

If you want to just order something and be done with it, a Jawa costume will be one of the less common ones. Julian ordered this one online, and it was pretty cool, especially in the dark when the eyes were on. My only recommendations would be to buy the pouch belts separately as the ones that came with this outfit were foam that you velcroed on, did not go all the way round and were not actual pouches. Bit of a shame to be honest, but he still looked great! 

So here we are all together, our awesome citysocializer team, ready to take on the Empire! Well, at least ready to go eat, drink and have fun in a Star Wars themed world. For more information on that and a full review of our Secret Cinema experience make sure to read this post

See you guys soon, with more makeup, outfits and fun stuff.


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