Sunday, 30 August 2015

Fashion Fix: Pretty Skirts & Corsets

Over the years I have tried several styles, from casual to dressed up, to goth and to trendy and I always do my best to pick and choose elements from all of them to create my own personal style. So on the day of my birthday last week I went to have a photoshoot and had to pick 4 outfits to bring along with me. This is the result...

Outfit 1: Modern Cinderella

Tulle skirts have been in fashion lately so I wanted one for some time. I decided to treat myself and get this one right before my birthday. I wore it or my party with a plain black tank top to make it a bit more modern but for this outfit I chose to pair it with a light blue satin corset. This takes it back to a more Disney inspired kind of look and it made me feel like I was a princess. That was definitely my favourite outfit of the four.

Corset - local shop
Shoes - New Look

Outfit 2: Melody of Life

Music is a big part of my life, I always have music on and sing and I sincerely wish we would all burst into song when we wanted to express emotions just like people do in musicals. To let you in on a secret... I actually do so sometimes. When I saw this skirt with sheet music on it I was instantly in love with it. I think it's beautiful and chic and quirky and simply perfect for me.

Top - Primark
Shoes - New Look

Outfit 3: The Twisted Lady

This is more of a throwback outfit. I wore this on one of my first student nights out in the UK back when I was in UEA in Norwich. The theme then was OTT so I wore all the goth/punk stuff I had brought over with me. While it's not something you would see me wear on a night out any more all the pieces have been very dear to me in the past and remind me of a time when I used my style to challenge people's perceptions about who I was.

Corset - local shop
Top - Primark
Lace cardigan - vintage fair
Socks - fancy dress shop
Shoes - New Look
Shorts - Stradivarius
Fishnets - Primark

Outfit 4: Past Decadence

For the last outfit I chose a gothic dress I have had for years. It is one of my favourite dresses because it makes a statement. However, what I like about this photo is that while you can see the colours and textures of the dress it is not taking away from me. The reason I'm saying that is because the nature of this dress requires a lot of confidence and there were times in the past I did not have that. For me that is the same with everything I wear. Your clothes make a statement about who you are and being aware of this is important. While your outfit does some of the work you need to be able to go out there and own it, without being afraid.

So these were my four outfits for this shoot. I tried to pay homage to who I used to be with the gothic elements and show who I have become with a more elegant items and full skirts that I recently got from Chicwish. I think deep down they are all forms of the same person, a person who sings like life is a musical believes that dreams come true. And also blogs every now and then, because, you know, it's fun.

Until next time... lots of love

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