Monday, 12 December 2016

It's Only Forever Necklace | Curiology UK Review

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to talk to you about my brand new necklace that I got from Curiology. I only recently discovered the brand, exactly because I saw this necklace online and wanted to have it, but they originally started back in 2010 and the people behind it are a husband and wife duo, Elspeth and Liam Johnson. 


The necklace itself is a tribute to David Bowie, the lyric 'It's Only Forever' is from the song Underground, which was featured in my favourite film of all time, Labyrinth. Bowie plays the fearsome Goblin King Jareth, who takes away baby Toby, while his sister Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) has 13 hours to find her way through the labyrinth to the castle beyond the goblin city and take back the baby.


The full lyrics goes 'It's only forever, not long at all, that's Underground' and if you have time you can listen to the full song here. The black star in the necklace is also in honour of Bowie's last album Blackstar.

Curiology Uk

One of the things I particularly liked about the ordering process on the Curiology site is that I was able to customise it (within limit). As you may or may not know, I do not particularly like silver so having the option of a black chain instead was great for me. If you are a salver fan however, you can select that for the same price or the sterling silver one for an added £5.

Curiology Necklace

The second customisable feature is the material of the necklace itself. You can pick between glitter black (what I picked), gloss black, satin white, rainbow glitter and iridescent. The black glitter material is a little bit bendy and thus feels delicate, which I like for a song quote necklace. It is like wearing a precious piece of fairytale.

Curiology Uk It's Only Forever Necklace

If there is one thing I would probably change with it is to make the chain a little bit longer as it sits quite high but this is not a huge problem. In general I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and at £10 I thought it was an absolute bargain. Any Labyrinth fan would love to own this item and I think it can make a great gift.

Curiology Uk It's Only Forever Necklace

If you want to get this necklace for yourself you can find it here, or you can check out a few more Labyrinth inspired jewellery from Curiology here. Let me know what you think about the necklace and, if you decide to get one for yourself, the combination of colours you went for as this was something that took me some time to decide.


Friday, 2 December 2016

Fairy Kei Outfits For Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2016

Hello everyone and welcome back!

Last weekend the Hyper Japan Christmas Market was on at Tobacco Dock and I had the pleasure to attend both Saturday and Sunday and even be part of the fashion show on Sunday.

fairy kei gudetama

I was surrounded by everything kawaii, fashion, toys, food and amazing traditional Japanese arts and I also did my part to add to the whole cuteness of the day, with my fairy kei outfits.

fairy kei blogger

Day 1:

Unicorn top - Flux Deux
Tulle Skirt - Handmade by me
Peignoir - Milklim
Shoes - Primark
Socks - Camden market
Accessories - Chocomint, Primark, Camden market and handmade by me

fairy kei fashion

The second day, when I was on the fashion show, I decided to have a Sailor Moon inspired outfit and be a magical girl.

fairy kei fashion

Day 2:

Skirt - Caliope
Oversized Shirt - American Apparel 
Sailor Moon Hand Painted Shoes - Pastel Dreams
Socks - Camden Market
Pompom hairband - handmade by me
Candy hairclips - Chocomint
Star clips - Chocomint
Moon Stick - Bandai 1992
Sailor Moon Brooch - Bandai (turned into necklace.bracelet by me)
Sailor Moon Brooch necklace - bought at Comic Con

fairy kei fashion

The fashion show went great and I had so much fun so I plan to continue applying as a model every time.

fairy kei fashion

One of the other highlights of both days were the J-Fashion meets that Charlotte (My Pastel Universe) organised for all of us to get together. She is definitely one of the kindest and most welcoming people in the community!

fairy kei fashion

Just look at all these pastel cuties! Look at them! 

fairy kei uk meetups

Hyper Japan is truly the go to event for Japanese fashion in London so if you are interested in it you should definitely check it out!

fairy kei fashion

Let me know what you think of my outfit and if you have ever tried some kawaii japanese fashions.

Lots of love

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Steampunk Outfit Inspiration: Age Of Exploration

Steampunk is a beautiful post apocalyptic/ alternate reality inspired style that incorporate victorian elements, leather, clockwork mechanism technology and a lot of creativity. You know... give some craft lovers a few cogs and they'll create brilliant expensive wonders!

Now, to give you some context for my outfit, I decided to go on a 17th century London coffee house tour for my birthday and I wanted to wear an outfit that would look inspired by that general era. The goal was to be a steampunk time traveler/explorer discovering the mysteries of London coffee houses.

The theme for the outfit is exploration, particularly using the hot air balloon and map elements of the dress and the globe and binoculars in my necklace. I find that creating a backstory for yourself and your outfit helps when putting it together as well as with your confidence when wearing alternative fashions. Suddenly you are the explorer who is in this strange world so you are in fact the one dressed normally and the other people don't realise this. Anyway...

Here's where you can find all the items of my outfit if you wish to recreate this.

Dress - (similar dress or similar skirt)
Corset - Vintage Goth (similar)
Choker - Phaze (similar)
Necklace - Spitalfields Market (similar)
Shoes - Primark
Rings - Primark

If you are in London you can also get the dress and the corset from Black Widow in Camden.

As for the background, it's Penhaligon's in Bank because I loved how appropriate their window looked for my theme.

What do you guys think of this outfit and have you tried Steampunk before? 


Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Fairy Kei & Lolita Fashion | Hyper Japan July 2016

Hey guys!

The July Hyper Japan market was a wonderful haven for j-fashion enthusiasts and I was excited to meet so many new friends and see their beautifully creative outfits and coords.

tofu cute amuse

From Lolita to Fairy Kei and everything in between, everyone made a huge effort to put together imaginative outfits and come together as a group, with some people even visiting from other countries to be here for it.

Hyper Japan July 2016

We had our scheduled J-Fashion meet organised by Charlotte (My Pastel Universe), which was a great opportunity to meet some new people I had only spoken to online before. We took some group photos and chatted away.  

Hyper Japan July 2016

We even had a few photos taken for a magazine!

Hyper Japan July 2016

Here are some of my favourite outfit photos of some of my new friends!

Hyper Japan July 2016

Hyper Japan July 2016

Hyper Japan July 2016

Hyper Japan July 2016

And here is me in a toy machine. The claw will get me!

Hyper Japan July 2016

What did you think of everyone's outfits? Have you guys been to Hyper Japan before? I totally recommend going. I will definitely keep going back every time.


Monday, 27 June 2016

Summer Outfit: Maxed Out Florals

Summer is all about sunshine and bright colours. A great way to create a fun summer outfit is with a bold statement piece that incorporates a floral pattern to make you feel like you are one with nature yourself.

When I first got this skirt I was not sure about how much I would wear it but after the first time I did I loved it because of the way it made me look and feel. It just flows so beautifully in the wind and I feel like a forest fairy in it. It makes me happy and full of confidence when I'm out and about.

I believe the key to this look is that I kept everything else in the outfit white, so as not to distract from the skirt. White is also a great colour to wear, as it looks good on most people and looks clean and put together. I recommend picking a floral statement piece with a white background too, but black will also work with this look and you can then transition it to winter if you like.

The skirt (similar), top and shoes (similar) are all from Primark, the cardigan is from Store Twenty One and my earrings are from New Look (similar). It proves that you can have great results with affordable fashion too, so you don't need to break the bank.

Do you guys have a favourite floral piece that makes you feel beautiful? Send me a photo of it @DarcRose22; I'd love to see what it is.

Lots of love,

Photo credit: Madison Salters

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Monday, 20 June 2016

Geek Style: How To Be Batman

There's a saying that goes like this: Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman. I thought, why not? Seems legit. And this brings us to today's topic, superhero logos and other geeky prints. Just in case you don't know, I am a huge superhero fan so, whenever I can, I like to bring this into my outfits.

My best advice is to never half do things like this. If you are going to be Batman this should be the main focus of your outfit so you should keep everything else quite simple. Just like a certain Mr Wayne, I kept the rest of my outfit primarily black, letting the logo shine through. I particularly like the design of this top as it turns the logo into a print all over my jumper instead of just in the centre like normal printed t-shirts do. This makes it more feminine and stylish

To slightly counteract the boldness of the print, I added a statement necklace. White necklaces, even when big, are more discreet and do not clash with the rest of your outfit like a coloured one would. Since I was also wearing another black top underneath, the necklace became the focal point of the outfit when I had to take my jumper off later because it got too hot. I did make sure though that my second top had some leather elements on it, to keep with the superhero theme of that day's look.

In all honesty, I would have much rather worn black boots with this outfit. However, due to some very annoying blisters, I ended up wearing sandals for the rest of that week. If you have no choice, a pair of gold or silver sandals are always a good option, as they should match most of your outfits.

And this is how you can use your favourite geeky things in a nice stylish outfit. Always remember to bring elements of your personality into your style because that's what's going to make what you wear unique.

Do you have any superhero prints in your wardrobe? Leave me a comment to let me know and also tell me who your favourite hero is. Mine is Iron Man.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Travel Outfits: Dressing Up Your Jeans

When you're travelling it's very easy to opt for comfortable clothes over stylish ones and end up looking less than perfect in your photos. However, that doesn't always have to be the case. Picking out the right top to pair with your jeans can easily make all the difference. Here's what I learnt while travelling to Prague last month.

First things first. Everybody has a comfy pair of jeans lying around somewhere. When I pick mine out I always go for darker jeans, as it's easier to make them look dressy and use them both with daytime and nighttime outfits. This one is a pair of basic jeggings from Primark (£7).

Next up, your top. I like taking white tops with me on holiday as they look beautiful and are super easy to pair with anything you choose to wear. In my wardrobe I have a selection of white chiffon tops and shirts that I can easily wear at the office or a night out or any other occasion while still looking perfectly dressed. This one also has a detachable necklace so you don't even have to worry about accessories. I recommend getting a few of those to build up your basics.

Tip: White tops usually make you look tanned by comparison so they are perfect to wear on holidays.

Since the rest of your outfit does not have any bright colours, your lipstick is going to make all the difference and tie the outfit together. It will also help bring all the attention back to you instead of what you're wearing. Here I am wearing Impassioned by MAC.

Finally, the rest of your accessories should ideally be simple and comfortable. A nice paid of boots will look good but also allow you to walk around and explore without tiring your feet. If the weather allows, opt for a big thick scarf instead of a coat. It will be easier to put away in your bag and when you need it at night on your way back it will feel like a warm blanket, which is always good.

And there you have it! The perfect outfit to walk around sightseeing, being comfortable and also looking great in all your photos.

Got any tips for travel outfits? Leave me a comment!

Friday, 22 April 2016

How To Decorate Your Coffee Table - The Essentials!

Hey guys! I don't know about you but I hate moving. Every time my lease is over and I have to find a new flat it's an absolute nightmare. However, there is one positive thing about finding a new flat and that is decorating. 

I always go for a mix of gold, cream with another main colour mixed in, which usually depends on what colours are already in the house; my last flat had orange curtains and this one has a navy couch. However, my ideal flat and living room is gold and cream with some colour accents that can easily be switched around throughout the year to keep the look of the room fresh.

Since I'll be moving again soon and I don't know what my next flat will look like, I decided to show you how I would decorate my ideal coffee table with some awesome items I found in Chairish and some things I already own and take around with me every time I move.

The main thing I look for in a coffee table is my gold accent colour and a glass top. Clear tables and desks make the room look bigger, because they allow you to see the entire space. In winter, you can also put a fluffy white rug under it to make the room more cosy. This octagon brass coffee table is perfect for the style I'm going for and its design also frames whatever you choose to put on top of it.

Next stop: drinks! I love having people over at my place and usually my first question is 'What would you like to drink?'. You know, because not drinking something is not even an option. While my dream house also contains a nice bar in the living room with some cocktail making tools, a good host is always prepared. 

Having your favourite tipple ready in a decanter is convenient and also looks cute. This lavender decanter and glasses give a nice girly vibe and also go great with colourful cocktails (and mocktails if you don't drink alcohol). They are also a great way to change around the accent colour of your living room. On top of that, the gold mirrored tray under them will make them easier to carry if you have to  move them out of the way and also make sure no drinks spill on the table while you pour them (you know how parties get). It also matches the coffee table and looks cool on top of it.

Now, I personally love living in London, so having books with photos of my city, secret walking routes and trivia is the best. It may be because of my MA in London culture, but I can't imagine my coffee table lacking a few books about London. The best place to get some of those is the London Transport Museum and I have been known to just go there to visit the shop. I recommend doing the same with books about your city and looking at them when you sit and relax.

Talking about relaxing, nothing creates a nice atmosphere at home like a scented candle. My favourite one is Lake Sunset by Yankee Candle because it smells like a holiday in a hotel spa with a view of the ocean. It's a strange description of a scent, but trust me about it.

Finally, the thing that makes the space undoubtedly yours is some good old photos of your favourite memories. Keep your camera at hand with your favourite snaps and look at them when you get time. It's something we don't do any more, most of our photos are stored in folders in our laptops, so keeping polaroids or printouts is the best way to go. And, if you keep the camera close, you can also snap a few new ones at that nice party we talked about above, where you're all enjoying your cocktails from your fancy decanter. Am I right?

Anyway, now you know what my home decor goals are, let me know what your coffee table essentials are and how you like decorating your living room. 


Tuesday, 1 March 2016

London Fashion Weekend 2016 - In Photos

Hey guys!

I had the pleasure to attend London Fashion Weekend and I wanted to share with you my favourite photos from the day, and all the incredible fashion that I saw.

Although rare, there were some beautiful delicate pieces that I fell in love with!

Baby blue and pink were predominant in these styles.

Neutrals with delicate details were present too. I particularly liked the star shirt below.

Blues were also big in bright colours.

Personally I think everyone needs lots of nice blue pieces... 

And of course reds to stand out from the crowd.

For a more subtle statement use red accessories instead.

Bags with unusual designs are always fun to hold.

You can even try getting creative with your bag and paint something cool on it.

Or make a shoe statement.

Cute necklaces complete the look.

And if you wondered what I wore, here is a picture of me at the event!

What do you guys think of the trends? Let me know what pieces you will be wearing