Friday, 22 April 2016

How To Decorate Your Coffee Table - The Essentials!

Hey guys! I don't know about you but I hate moving. Every time my lease is over and I have to find a new flat it's an absolute nightmare. However, there is one positive thing about finding a new flat and that is decorating. 

I always go for a mix of gold, cream with another main colour mixed in, which usually depends on what colours are already in the house; my last flat had orange curtains and this one has a navy couch. However, my ideal flat and living room is gold and cream with some colour accents that can easily be switched around throughout the year to keep the look of the room fresh.

Since I'll be moving again soon and I don't know what my next flat will look like, I decided to show you how I would decorate my ideal coffee table with some awesome items I found in Chairish and some things I already own and take around with me every time I move.

The main thing I look for in a coffee table is my gold accent colour and a glass top. Clear tables and desks make the room look bigger, because they allow you to see the entire space. In winter, you can also put a fluffy white rug under it to make the room more cosy. This octagon brass coffee table is perfect for the style I'm going for and its design also frames whatever you choose to put on top of it.

Next stop: drinks! I love having people over at my place and usually my first question is 'What would you like to drink?'. You know, because not drinking something is not even an option. While my dream house also contains a nice bar in the living room with some cocktail making tools, a good host is always prepared. 

Having your favourite tipple ready in a decanter is convenient and also looks cute. This lavender decanter and glasses give a nice girly vibe and also go great with colourful cocktails (and mocktails if you don't drink alcohol). They are also a great way to change around the accent colour of your living room. On top of that, the gold mirrored tray under them will make them easier to carry if you have to  move them out of the way and also make sure no drinks spill on the table while you pour them (you know how parties get). It also matches the coffee table and looks cool on top of it.

Now, I personally love living in London, so having books with photos of my city, secret walking routes and trivia is the best. It may be because of my MA in London culture, but I can't imagine my coffee table lacking a few books about London. The best place to get some of those is the London Transport Museum and I have been known to just go there to visit the shop. I recommend doing the same with books about your city and looking at them when you sit and relax.

Talking about relaxing, nothing creates a nice atmosphere at home like a scented candle. My favourite one is Lake Sunset by Yankee Candle because it smells like a holiday in a hotel spa with a view of the ocean. It's a strange description of a scent, but trust me about it.

Finally, the thing that makes the space undoubtedly yours is some good old photos of your favourite memories. Keep your camera at hand with your favourite snaps and look at them when you get time. It's something we don't do any more, most of our photos are stored in folders in our laptops, so keeping polaroids or printouts is the best way to go. And, if you keep the camera close, you can also snap a few new ones at that nice party we talked about above, where you're all enjoying your cocktails from your fancy decanter. Am I right?

Anyway, now you know what my home decor goals are, let me know what your coffee table essentials are and how you like decorating your living room. 


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