Friday, 10 June 2016

Travel Outfits: Dressing Up Your Jeans

When you're travelling it's very easy to opt for comfortable clothes over stylish ones and end up looking less than perfect in your photos. However, that doesn't always have to be the case. Picking out the right top to pair with your jeans can easily make all the difference. Here's what I learnt while travelling to Prague last month.

First things first. Everybody has a comfy pair of jeans lying around somewhere. When I pick mine out I always go for darker jeans, as it's easier to make them look dressy and use them both with daytime and nighttime outfits. This one is a pair of basic jeggings from Primark (£7).

Next up, your top. I like taking white tops with me on holiday as they look beautiful and are super easy to pair with anything you choose to wear. In my wardrobe I have a selection of white chiffon tops and shirts that I can easily wear at the office or a night out or any other occasion while still looking perfectly dressed. This one also has a detachable necklace so you don't even have to worry about accessories. I recommend getting a few of those to build up your basics.

Tip: White tops usually make you look tanned by comparison so they are perfect to wear on holidays.

Since the rest of your outfit does not have any bright colours, your lipstick is going to make all the difference and tie the outfit together. It will also help bring all the attention back to you instead of what you're wearing. Here I am wearing Impassioned by MAC.

Finally, the rest of your accessories should ideally be simple and comfortable. A nice paid of boots will look good but also allow you to walk around and explore without tiring your feet. If the weather allows, opt for a big thick scarf instead of a coat. It will be easier to put away in your bag and when you need it at night on your way back it will feel like a warm blanket, which is always good.

And there you have it! The perfect outfit to walk around sightseeing, being comfortable and also looking great in all your photos.

Got any tips for travel outfits? Leave me a comment!

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