Monday, 12 December 2016

It's Only Forever Necklace | Curiology UK Review

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to talk to you about my brand new necklace that I got from Curiology. I only recently discovered the brand, exactly because I saw this necklace online and wanted to have it, but they originally started back in 2010 and the people behind it are a husband and wife duo, Elspeth and Liam Johnson. 


The necklace itself is a tribute to David Bowie, the lyric 'It's Only Forever' is from the song Underground, which was featured in my favourite film of all time, Labyrinth. Bowie plays the fearsome Goblin King Jareth, who takes away baby Toby, while his sister Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) has 13 hours to find her way through the labyrinth to the castle beyond the goblin city and take back the baby.


The full lyrics goes 'It's only forever, not long at all, that's Underground' and if you have time you can listen to the full song here. The black star in the necklace is also in honour of Bowie's last album Blackstar.

Curiology Uk

One of the things I particularly liked about the ordering process on the Curiology site is that I was able to customise it (within limit). As you may or may not know, I do not particularly like silver so having the option of a black chain instead was great for me. If you are a salver fan however, you can select that for the same price or the sterling silver one for an added £5.

Curiology Necklace

The second customisable feature is the material of the necklace itself. You can pick between glitter black (what I picked), gloss black, satin white, rainbow glitter and iridescent. The black glitter material is a little bit bendy and thus feels delicate, which I like for a song quote necklace. It is like wearing a precious piece of fairytale.

Curiology Uk It's Only Forever Necklace

If there is one thing I would probably change with it is to make the chain a little bit longer as it sits quite high but this is not a huge problem. In general I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and at £10 I thought it was an absolute bargain. Any Labyrinth fan would love to own this item and I think it can make a great gift.

Curiology Uk It's Only Forever Necklace

If you want to get this necklace for yourself you can find it here, or you can check out a few more Labyrinth inspired jewellery from Curiology here. Let me know what you think about the necklace and, if you decide to get one for yourself, the combination of colours you went for as this was something that took me some time to decide.


Friday, 2 December 2016

Fairy Kei Outfits For Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2016

Hello everyone and welcome back!

Last weekend the Hyper Japan Christmas Market was on at Tobacco Dock and I had the pleasure to attend both Saturday and Sunday and even be part of the fashion show on Sunday.

fairy kei gudetama

I was surrounded by everything kawaii, fashion, toys, food and amazing traditional Japanese arts and I also did my part to add to the whole cuteness of the day, with my fairy kei outfits.

fairy kei blogger

Day 1:

Unicorn top - Flux Deux
Tulle Skirt - Handmade by me
Peignoir - Milklim
Shoes - Primark
Socks - Camden market
Accessories - Chocomint, Primark, Camden market and handmade by me

fairy kei fashion

The second day, when I was on the fashion show, I decided to have a Sailor Moon inspired outfit and be a magical girl.

fairy kei fashion

Day 2:

Skirt - Caliope
Oversized Shirt - American Apparel 
Sailor Moon Hand Painted Shoes - Pastel Dreams
Socks - Camden Market
Pompom hairband - handmade by me
Candy hairclips - Chocomint
Star clips - Chocomint
Moon Stick - Bandai 1992
Sailor Moon Brooch - Bandai (turned into necklace.bracelet by me)
Sailor Moon Brooch necklace - bought at Comic Con

fairy kei fashion

The fashion show went great and I had so much fun so I plan to continue applying as a model every time.

fairy kei fashion

One of the other highlights of both days were the J-Fashion meets that Charlotte (My Pastel Universe) organised for all of us to get together. She is definitely one of the kindest and most welcoming people in the community!

fairy kei fashion

Just look at all these pastel cuties! Look at them! 

fairy kei uk meetups

Hyper Japan is truly the go to event for Japanese fashion in London so if you are interested in it you should definitely check it out!

fairy kei fashion

Let me know what you think of my outfit and if you have ever tried some kawaii japanese fashions.

Lots of love