Tuesday, 16 May 2017

How To Decorate A Florida Inspired Room

Hi guys!

I was recently challenged by Douglas Elliman to put together a Florida inspired room and I thought it was such a fun way to prepare you for summer. I know a lot of people like to change up their decor for each season, so, if you were looking for something perfect for summer, look no further. 

When I think of Florida I think of beaches, sunshine and parties, so this is the inspiration behind the decor of the room. The main colours I chose are pink, turquoise and gold and the patterns are flamingos and pineapples.

Let's start from the couch. Picking a statement piece like this blue Iceberg fabric vintage sofa (£407) will instantly set the tone for the rest of the room, the colours and the general style. To add extra colours and tie everything together, cushions are a great help. I particularly like the two marble Cosima cushions from Anthropologie in turquoise (£98) and in pink (£98) because the same pattern ties in the two different colours. Adding another blue cushion, this one with a pineapple pattern (£68), allows me to bring the pineapples into the mix.

Now for some statement pieces. I found this canvas, which goes perfectly above the couch and is called Miami Days (£65); of course Miami is in Florida and this is absolutely perfect for a Florida inspired room. The wire flamingo plant stand (£128) helps bring the plants from the photo into the real room and is quite unusual and eye catching. I also really like the recent trend of inflatable flamingos at pool parties, so this is a slightly more subtle way to incorporate that pool party element indoors.

And now for the finishing touches.... the knick knacks. There is so much to choose from that you just want it all, which is why having three coffee tables seems reasonable. This nest of three vintage coffee tables (£115) has two of our three main colours (blue and yellow - yellow can sometimes substitute gold when decorating) and will allow us to play around with the colours of the rest of the items and their placement. On top of that, you have the choice of keeping them together or splitting them up, having one act as an end table next to the couch and another in front of it.

On the white table we have a tropical blue/green photo frame (£10) and a vase of the same colour so that the combination of the colours echoes the sea and foam of the beaches you love. The yellow table, as the highest will be where the light goes. A pineapple lamp (£38) and one of my favourite summer candles Pink Sands by Yankee Candle (£24) will sit there and provide some extra light and a relaxing smell for when you are resting on the sofa. On the third table, a pineapple cake stand (£28) with sugary snacks and a flamingo mug (£10) with some hot tea or coffee will provide the finishing touches of your relaxation room.

And that is the room finished! Just add a good book and you will be as close to being on a beach in Florida as you can get without leaving your house. In fact you can order all of the items online so you do not even have to leave home to create this room, although, I totally recommend going for an actual holiday in Florida and enjoying the sunshine and the beaches in person (also Disneyland and Universal Studios).

Now, if you are actually thinking of moving, Douglas Elliman has some amazing Florida properties for rent and for sale that you might want to check out. In all honesty, they are worth checking out even if to just pin them to your dream house pinterest board because yes, they are that gorgeous!

Let me know if you liked the items I picked out and if you would like to see more decorating posts. I now feel the need to add some pineapples to my flat and go burn my own pink sands candle.

Lots of love and see you next time!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

How To Decorate Your Dream Office Space With DECASO

Hi guys!

I firmly believe that working in a space that inspires you is a great way to motivate yourself and become more productive. Once you have created a space that makes you happy to look at and be in, you will find yourself coming back to it.

I was challenged by DECASO to put together my dream space using items from their website; they have a lovely selection of antiques that I can not afford... but a girl can dream. One day when I buy a beautiful house and set up my office space it is definitely going to look like this.

Ok so let's get down to business (since this is an office after all).

Every office needs a desk. Do not be fooled by this image and my editing skills, this one is totally see through and the top is mirrored. This Elegant Lucite Desk will be the centre of attention of my office. While it is a substantial piece of furniture, the lucite material lets the light through and creates the illusion that the space is not really taken up by a table. It is particularly good if you have a smaller room but still want to fill it with beautiful things.

On top of the table of course you will have your laptop to do some work. Next to it, this Pivoting Crystal Ball Table Lamp will not only provide some light for those late nights working hard, but also turn around so you can adjust where the light falls. And... it looks like a crustal ball for your casual fairy tale element. To balance it out, This Italian Murano Glass Vase is sleek and will hold a bunch of roses to brighten up your day. Fresh flowers are definitely something you should start keeping around the house as it makes everything feel fresher.

Above the table a Hollywood Regency Mirror will add some extra glamour to the whole space and will be perfect for a quick makeup touchup once you are done with work. An inspirational quote next to it will also give you motivation and boost your confidence. And, last but not least, your chair will be where you will be sitting while working so you should make sure that it is both very comfortable and pretty. I picked this Lucite Armchair made of the same material as my desk, because it looks like it is a set with it and also appears as if it is taking up less space, due to the light going through it.

And this is it: my dream office space, created in an image and in my heart. One day this will become reality and I will be writing all my blog posts in a space like this, not just on my bed. Until then, I hope I have helped some of you get inspiration for your home offices. Remember, these items are available to buy so you can even buy these exact ones and own my dream space way before I can. Oh well... 

Until next time, lots of love,

Friday, 3 March 2017

L'OREAL Paris Color Riche Gold Obsession 24g Lipsticks | Review & Swatches

Hey guys!

L'Oreal lipsticks were some of the first lipsticks I ever tried (see this post from back in 2012) but I had not checked out any of their most recent releases. 

Then, the other week my eyes caught a bright gold lipstick in Boots and I could not resist getting it. I also picked up the red one in the line, as it has beautiful gold glitters in it.

The L'Oreal Gold Obsession line has 5 lipsticks (the other two being a plum and two pinky nudes).

 Obviously the stars are the gold, Pure Gold, and the red, Rouge Gold. The package goes from a matte black fading into gold, ironically thus containing less gold than the standard all gold packaging of their normal lipsticks.

The two colours look very bright on the stick and that does translate in the swatch, they are very eye catching and bold, so they are definitely a statement when you put them on.

The lipsticks themselves are are very soft and creamy and they are very easy to apply on the lips. However, they are quite sheer and they do requite some building up, particularly the gold one.

The photos here are with one layer of lipstick on. While the gold is not fully opaque, from a distance it looks like your lips are gold all right, but you can definitely make the effect more visible by building it up. 

The red one, while more opaque, is a bit trickier to apply, which is why you can see that one layer is not exactly perfect and I did need to go back and fix the lines later.

All in all, I think the gold one is a beautiful choice and quite rare as a lipstick colour so it is worth picking up; the red one is a beautiful bright red lipstick, however, if you already own a few others, it is not particularly worth purchasing.

Have you tried any of the other lipsticks in this series and if so what did you think? If you have any looks with gold lipstick do tag me @darcrose22 on instagram or twitter.


Friday, 24 February 2017

Travel Outfits: How To Use Colourful Eyeliner With Monochrome Outfits

Hey guys!

Colourful eyeliner is one of my favourite things (I may have a small obsession with Sephora's own brand liners, that I own in every colour). Out of all the colours my top pick is electric blue, as I find it stands out the most on top of gold and cream eyeshadow. Now one of my favourite ways to wear blue eyeliner is with an otherwise neutral outfit, so that it is the only thing that stands out.

Black trousers, white top, black shoes, dark hair... it all seems fairly normal, right? And then you come up close and you see blue liner. It creates a fun surprise and makes most people look twice.

In this look I am wearing my favourite Sephora electric blue liner in Fancy Blue and my MAC Impassioned lipstick, which I think compliments it well. The rest of the makeup can be quite simple beyond that and you will still stand out in the crowd.

And since I was on holiday in Prague, I made a new friend with this stormtrooper in the mall. As you do....

What is your favourite colour eyeliner to wear and which brand do you think makes the best liners? I will be doing a post on my Sephora liners so keep an eye out for that one.

Lots of love

Friday, 17 February 2017

Travel Outfits: How To Blend In With The City In Photos

Hey guys

Today's post might sound a little bit like a joke, but I can assure you it is for real. When you go travelling and you are bound to be taking a lot of photos, it is a good idea to consider the colours of the city when you are putting together your outfits. 

For this example I will be using my outfit from my trip in Prague and also my friend Maddie's outfit too. Prague has a lot of orange roofed buildings and yellow walls. There is also a good chance you will be taking photos by the river and have a lot of clear blue sky as part of your picture.

Orange and yellow are at the opposite side of the colour wheel from blue, so they create a good eye catching contrast between them. I chose this orange top with blue jeans for this type of contrast, which mirrors exactly the colour contrast we found in the city itself. Maddie on the other hand went with an all blue outfit in different shades, which puts her in contrast with the city.

Consider the above photo against the John Lennon wall. The wall itself has every possible colour mixed together. Maddie's blues as well as my jeans stand out more obviously than my orange top. However, orange makes my skin look warm toned while the blue makes Maddie look more yellow. This is worth keeping in mind when you consider your choice of colours.

Now consider this photo, where my top, which falls right in front of the orange building, is the same colour as the wall. This makes the whole photo more visually pleasing for me and makes it look like I belong there. Camouflage level = chameleon. 

What is the point of all this? Mirroring the colours of the city you are in, can make a huge difference in your photos, so be aware of this technique and use it to your advantage. Personally I love doing this just like I prefer wearing blues, mint greens and whites when I am by the sea. Do let me know your thoughts on this type of outfit creating process and if you have ever done something similar.

Lots of love,

Monday, 6 February 2017

3 Great Date Outfits For Men

Hey guys

With Valentine's Day coming up I thought I would put together date outfits for men. The first two are inspired by things my boyfriend usually wears and I really love on him, so I thought that some other guys might like something similar. The third one is actually inspired by the outfits of Mon El from Supergirl, who I think has the best style out of all the guys in the series. I know that is a bit random but I just watched this week's episode and I wanted to add it.

Blazer - Shirt - Trousers
Outfit 1 - Easy Blazer

This is perfect for those situations where you want to look smart but also effortless and be prepared for all sorts of occasions. Nice dinner, night out, even a walk in the park; this outfit will not let you down. Plus you can wear it both in winter and summer because the colours look great all year round. 

Having a white shirt handy is a great tip for both men and women so chances are most guys will have one lying around somewhere. The blue blazer is a great alternative to a black one, as it is still dark enough to look formal but can also look young and fresh paired with a bright smile. Light trousers - I prefer beige but you can also do grey - will make the look less formal and more fun, while showing off your skills at putting an outfit together and they are very versatile as you can wear them with a tshirt the next time and still look great.

Jumper - Shirt - Trousers
Outfit 2 - Cheeky Print

This outfit will keep you warm and stylish and it will look great going to a nice coffee house or cocktail bar or browsing some art in a gallery and exploring a new part of town. The goal is to show your date your personality, share your favourite spots and do an activity together.

Blue is one of my favourite colours to wear, both me and my boyfriend have a lot of blue items in our wardrobes. For this outfit I chose a blue chino type trouser but jeans would also work great. The navy jumper on top compliments the trousers and leaves it up to the shirt to make its statement with a print. In the last few years men's shirts have gotten a great selection of prints that look like your usual polka dots but the dots are replaced with other images like cocktail glasses, palm trees, animals, geometric patterns etc. Thus you can get the same overall effect but have something unique that expresses your personality on your shirt. 

Cardigan - Top - Trousers
Outfit 3 - Cool Dude

I recommend this for outdoor dates, like a picnic, a nature walk, visiting a quaint village etc. In this case you want to be ready for anything but still look put together and stylish.

The red trousers will show that you do like fashion and experimenting with your style, but the dark tone means you are practical and confident and are not looking to show off. The nice fitted tshirt is a great way to show off your muscles if you're been hitting the gym, or your collarbone with the v shaped collar. The grey cardigan will keep you warm, be snuggly for your date to cuddle up to and you can even play the chivalry card and offer it to them if it gets cold. Just make sure you do not freeze either. 

Bonus: Here is Chris wearing his version of outfit 2, when we were on holiday in Lisbon, looking amazing. If you plan to take lots of photos on the day, definitely go for the white shirt with the print to make them more interesting.

I hope you found this guide helpful and got some date outfit ideas (and some fun date ideas too). To make things easy for you I picked all the items in the photos from Bonobos, as it is one of the best men's clothing websites around and you can find pretty much anything you need for these styles; you can check out more of their pants options here. Of course you can wear all of these outfits any day as well, according to where you are going, so make sure you pick up items that will make you look great every day of the week when you go shopping.

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Mystical Mermaids | Roxie Sweetheart Review

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to show you some pieces I got from Roxie Sweetheart, from the Mystical Mermaids collection. I have admired the brand for quite a while, and, while I think all of Michelle's designs are stunning, her recent jellyfish items have a unique innocence and cuteness about them that made them stand out for me.

sea jelly shimmering shell

To start with the first design, the Sea Jelly, it is a design perfect for fairy kei and lolita coords and any sea inspired outfits. It features an array of pastel colours, making it perfect for any outfit combinations you have in mind and an adorable cute face to melt your heart. 

Roxie Sweetheart Mystical Mermaids

This design comes in a pin and two necklace variations. I originally purchased the pin back in July at Hyper Japan; it was the last Sea Jelly item in stock. I loved it so much that I knew I had to get the necklace as well, which I did at the Hyper Japan Christmas Market.

Roxie Sweetheart Mystical Mermaids

The necklace I chose out of the two variations was the one with the clear chunky chain; the other one features a pearl chain. I believe the clear chain links stand out on your neck but without taking away from the jellyfish, which is the main focus of the necklace.

Roxie Sweetheart Mystical Mermaids

To add to my mermaid theme I picked out the Shimmering Shell Ring. The ring is composed of two pieces, the bottom one a reddish black layer and then a clear iridescent layer on top. The look is topped off with two diamonte jewels adding some extra sparkle.

Roxie Sweetheart Mystical Mermaids

Since the Sea Jelly and the Shimmering Shell designs have more items in their sub-collection, I will link all of them here in case you want to check them out.

Sea Jelly
Brooch - Necklace (unfortunately only the pearl one)

Shimmering Shell

Roxie Sweetheart Mystical Mermaids

All three of my items feel extremely well made and durable, living up to Roxie Sweetheart's reputation as a quality brand and a leader in the alternative and japanese fashion markets. It is definitely a brand to look out for for accessories and clothes as every new collection adds to the unique character of the brand. I definitely look forward to buying more items in the future and expanding my collection.


Tuesday, 24 January 2017

How To Pick The Perfect Prom Dress

Hi guys!

Prom dresses are in my opinion a great way to look and feel like a princess for a night, as if we are Cinderella going to the ball or Elsa in her magical palace. If you are lucky your prom will be in a beautifully decorated hall, with twinkly lights, glittery trees and crystal decorations, reminiscent of a true fairytale. Or it might be your school assembly hall or function room, with a couple of encouraging banners your year made during art class and rented dj equipment propped up on some spare desks. Sometimes you just have to make do. In any case, there is no reason for you not to make the same amount of effort and look fabulous. The photos from the night will be some of your most treasured possessions, especially if you graduate and move away from your friends for university after the end of the school year.

Now, picking the right dress might seem like a hard task, but with the help of this guide, hopefully you will find it easy and have one less thing to worry about. Honestly, it is harder to pick a designated driver who will agree not to drink on the night. Anyway, here are some tips to help you decide what you want to wear on the big night. First of all, find a site that sells a variety of prom dresses like Aisle Style, so that you have a lot of dresses to choose from and you do not waste any time with multiple shops. Then, consider the different kinds of colours and styles that are available and check out the latest trends, by looking at the new dresses for 2017.

Now that you have a general idea of what is out in the market, I would like to share some of my best tips for actually picking your dress, based on the different directions you can approach it from.

Dress 1 - Dress 2 - Dress 3 - Dress 4

Obviously, long prom dresses are the classic go to option in most cases. As a formal event a prom is one of the few occasions that you can get away with picking out a beautiful long dress, just like the ones you see on the red carpet in Hollywood. This dress will be perfect if your prom is in a hotel or special event space, and the more decorated the venue is the better. Things to consider are whether there is a theme to your event that you can try to match the vide and colours, and also what shoes you are going to wear. Remember to account for your height with your heels on, as there is nothing worse than getting ready and realising that your dress is not long enough when you put on your shoes.  Being on the taller side myself, this is something I have had issues with a lot of times before.
Dress 1 - Dress 2 - Dress 3 - Dress 4

You can go for a shorter dress when your event is more casual, or inside your school grounds. Short prom dresses are usually less formal than the longer ones, so it may also be a good idea to get a dress you love and would like to keep wearing after your prom in other special events. Shirt prom dresses are perfect dresses for weddings, birthdays, even nights out. The other way you can wear a short prom dress is to make it more edgy. Instead of going for the princess look, opt for a bold colour and dd black shoes, chunky accessories, a leather jacket and dark eye makeup. Imagine you are a rockstar and think of what you would be wearing then.

Dress 1 - Dress 2 - Dress 3 - Dress 4

Black prom dresses are quite versatile and you can find them in a variety of styles. You can opt for a dark and mysterious look with a long black dress - chiffon and lace will be the best fabrics - or go for a short body con dress with bright accessories for a modern twist - novelty bags in unusual shapes like apples, telephones or pop art logos work great with this look. My personal favourite is asymmetrical dresses, short at the front and long at the back, to get the best of both worlds and show off some leg.

Dress 1 - Dress 2 - Dress 3 - Dress 4

Red prom dresses are usually love or hate with most girls, as red is a bold colour and does make a big statement when you wear it. Picking a red dress can be great for girls who are confident and natural leaders. Red dresses to me also allude to passion and sexuality; just think of Spanish flamenco dancers, who normally wear bright red dresses. If you think bright red might be a bit too much for you, you may want to consider a burgundy shade instead. The darker colour still maintains some of the confidence of its brighter counterpart but more understated. Imagine is as if one should 'I'm confident' for the world to hear and the other sort of stands its ground confidently but does not need to shout to make itself known.

Dress 1 - Dress 2 - Dress 3 - Dress 4

Pastel prom dresses usually follow the same trends as bridesmaids dresses, so you will see a lot of them alongside wedding dresses and the likes. You should not let that discourage you, as they are some of the most popular dresses in the market. In my opinion pastel prom dresses are perfect for girls who are more quiet, feminine and want something that says 'classic elegance'. They are the dresses that you will look back at and think you would still wear years later, as they are beautiful and timeless. While blush pink is usually among the favourites, I particularly like pastel yellow and lilac, or even a combination of a few pastel shades in delicate flower motifs and lace trims.

Dress 1 - Dress 2 - Dress 3 - Dress 4

Bright prom dresses are usually dependent on the colour trends of each year. I remember back in my graduation year, when neon colours were in fashion, half of my year picked neon orange and neon yellow dresses and got spray tans to go along with them and make them look like they just came from some exotic holiday. While those dresses are not pieces that you will easily manage to wear in years to come, if you find a piece that can be dressed both up and down, you can probably turn it into a nice going out dress for the summer after your prom, and wear it on your holidays. One thing to remember when you wear a bright dress is to make sure you have either bright eyes or bright lips. For example a bright yellow dress will go great with a bright red lip and black eyeliner.

Dress 1 - Dress 2 - Dress 3 - Dress 4
Character Inspired Prom Dresses

Now, for my favourite prom inspiration, I would have to put in character inspired dresses. If this is your princess moment why not dress like one of your favourite Disney princesses? I am not saying to straight up cosplay as one, but select the princess you like and copy the aesthetic. For example if you like Belle and have dark hair, you can try a long bright yellow dress and curl your hair, or if you are blonde you can channel Elsa with a pastel blue dress and a big braid on the side. You can also add accessories that will enhance your nod to the character, like one of those mermaid accessories that were in fashion this year (I have a seashell right) along with a seafoam green dress and red hair to be a mermaid like Ariel or go for a brighter green dress for Tiana. Bonus points if you get together with your friends, divide up the roles and all show up as real life princesses. I guarantee all eyes will be on you.

In any case, remember the most important thing about a dress is the girl who is wearing it, so pick something that expresses who you are. And that I must say is not just for prom, but for any other occasion, homecoming dresses, birthday dresses, even your every day dresses that you wear all the time. This is what makes all the difference and can truly impact your mood on a daily basis.

Anyway, I hope you found this guide helpful for your upcoming shopping sprees and if you do follow my advice for your prom dress do tweet or tag me on instagram @darcrose22 

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

SLEEK Highlighting Palette in Solstice | Review

Hey guys!

Today I'm very happy to introduce you to one of my favourite makeup products, which I have been using daily for over a year now. I just ran out of my original palette and purchased a new one so I though it was perfect time to take some photos and show you before I start using it.

sleek highlighter

This is the Sleek Highlighting Palette in the colour combination Solstice. It retails for £9.99 at Superdrug and in my opinion is worth the money and more. For one thing, it is one of those rare palettes where you can use every single colour inside, so nothing goes to waste.

sleek review

There are four colours in the palette.

Ecliptic: a cream champagne shade
Hemisphere: a powder pastel pink shade
Subsolar: a powder pastel yellow shade
Equinox: a powder peach shade

Sleek Highlight Palette Solstice

Here are what the swatches look like:

Sleek Highlight Palette Solstice

Ecliptic, as a cream, works great straight over your foundation, especially if you prefer not to use powder, so you can still highlight your cheekbones without having any contrasting textures.

Subsolar, adds a lot of brightness wherever you put it, however it is not overly shimmery, so it can work for a subtle everyday highlight.

Hemisphere, is a pink toned highlight, which works great with cool toned makeup and pairs amazingly with pink blushers, keeping your makeup to the same colour tones.

Equinox is by far my favourite shade of the four, it is warm, bright and beautiful. It works when I am at my palest but also when I get a few skin tones darker after a tan. It is also the one that can work the best as eye shadow, under eye highlight, even used lightly dusted with your powder in all areas you want to highlight on your face.

Sleek Highlight Palette Solstice

I particularly recommend using this palette when you have a special event; it can give you that all over the face brightening effect, making you look healthy and literally glowing. It also looks gorgeous when filming and taking photos and since it is a cheap product you will not have any guilt for using it all the time and looking like you are ready for a fancy event on a daily basis.

Sleek Solstice Palette swatches

And if you are curious to see how this looks on me, here is my every day eye look.

What I like doing is use Ecliptic as an eye shadow base, with Equinox on top of it (seen below). The crease colour is the blush shade from the Sleek Face Form palette because it goes with it like a dream.

Sleek Highlight Palette Solstice

Then I use Hemisphere as a cheek highlight (the pink shade doubles as a hint of blush) and Subsolar is perfect to highlight my nose and any other areas that I want to look brighter but not necessarily overly shiny. For me this is the best way to use the palette for maximum effect.

By the way, I am currently in love with red eye liner. I think it is perfect for the holidays.

Sleek Highlight Palette Solstice

All in all, this is one of my favourite makeup items I own and I can not live without it. If you have not tried it yet I strongly recommend swatching in the store and buying it. And if you have any favourite highlighters that you can not live without do tell me what it is.


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

MICHAEL KORS Selma Medium Metallic Leather Messenger Bag

Hey guys!

Today I am quite excited to write this post, since I finally got my first designer bag! I have wanted a Michael Kors bag for years, but I was looking at the bigger sizes before and was unable to find a colour that I liked at a price I could afford.

However, I never stopped looking and finally in this year's sales I saw this lovely bag, the Selma Medium Metallic Leather Messenger and it was love at first sight. 

The bag comes in metallic gold, but it is still matte enough to be discreet while making a subtle statement. I always wear gold accessories so it goes with almost everything I own, both in my summer and winter wardrobes, making it perfect for all year round.

The hardware, zippers, clasps etc, are all gold as well, with the Michael Kors logo on them. 

There is a pocket on the inside for your most valuable items and a strap you can attach to your keys or wallet for some extra safety.

I absolutely adore this bag and at £154 (originally £220) I thought it was a great deal when getting my first designer bag. While I do plan to save it for more special occasion and not everyday use, I really can not wait to take it out for a night in town. 

Do let me know what you think of this bag and what your first designer purchase was, or if you have not made one yet, what you are hoping to get one day.

Lots of love,