Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Melty Chocolatemoon Fairy Kei & Kawaii Accessories

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Today I wanted to share with you some of my recent acquisitions from the Christmas Hyper Japan Market. Melty Chocolatemoon was there all the way from Sweden with some of her accessories. I had seen some of her creations online in the past, but while I am all for supporting independent sellers who create handmade items, sometimes you just need to see the item in person to know exactly what you are getting.

fairy kei jewelery

Out of her collection I picked out two items, the Pastel Rainbow LOVE Necklace and the Winged Crystal Heart two way clip

Melty Chocolatemoon

The Crystal Heart clip looks like a magical girl transformation brooch, making it perfect for fairy kei and mahou kei coords. There are some colour variations, the crystal can be blue and you can have it plain without the moon and stars. It is very soft and flexible and you can pin it in your clothes, I particularly like it in front pockets of shirts.

Melty Chocolatemoon

The LOVE necklace is made of clear resin, the front few layers are clear and towards the end it has iridescent glitter bits that reflect the light. The colours that you see in each letter are actually a layer of paint at the back of each letter, making the letter appear as if it is that colour. While the painting is not entirely uniform at the back and there are some thinner parts, when you look at the necklace from the front, this is not at all obvious and just looks like each letter is a different colour and sparkly. The chain is pink on one side and purple on the other and the two sides meet up at the clasp at the back of your neck. 

Melty Chocolatemoon

The overall style of the necklace is perfect for fairy kei fashion as it is reminiscent of childhood toys and accessories. The pastel colours and the glitter create a feel of innocence and playfulness and it makes me happy to look at and wear. While both the necklace and the brooch are a bit expensive, I thought they were quite unique pieces, especially since they are handmade, so I did not mind supporting the artist. In fact, when you look at the LOVE necklace advertised on the website now, the glitters in the resin are slightly different, which I am glad for, as that means there are less chances everyone will have the exact same necklace.

Melty Chocolatemoon

All in all, even if I did spend a bit extra, I am very happy with these two items and I look forward to wearing them a lot. I definitely recommend checking Raichi's shop to see what other creations she has available and make sure to let me know if you get anything.

Lots of love

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