Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Mystical Mermaids | Roxie Sweetheart Review

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to show you some pieces I got from Roxie Sweetheart, from the Mystical Mermaids collection. I have admired the brand for quite a while, and, while I think all of Michelle's designs are stunning, her recent jellyfish items have a unique innocence and cuteness about them that made them stand out for me.

sea jelly shimmering shell

To start with the first design, the Sea Jelly, it is a design perfect for fairy kei and lolita coords and any sea inspired outfits. It features an array of pastel colours, making it perfect for any outfit combinations you have in mind and an adorable cute face to melt your heart. 

Roxie Sweetheart Mystical Mermaids

This design comes in a pin and two necklace variations. I originally purchased the pin back in July at Hyper Japan; it was the last Sea Jelly item in stock. I loved it so much that I knew I had to get the necklace as well, which I did at the Hyper Japan Christmas Market.

Roxie Sweetheart Mystical Mermaids

The necklace I chose out of the two variations was the one with the clear chunky chain; the other one features a pearl chain. I believe the clear chain links stand out on your neck but without taking away from the jellyfish, which is the main focus of the necklace.

Roxie Sweetheart Mystical Mermaids

To add to my mermaid theme I picked out the Shimmering Shell Ring. The ring is composed of two pieces, the bottom one a reddish black layer and then a clear iridescent layer on top. The look is topped off with two diamonte jewels adding some extra sparkle.

Roxie Sweetheart Mystical Mermaids

Since the Sea Jelly and the Shimmering Shell designs have more items in their sub-collection, I will link all of them here in case you want to check them out.

Sea Jelly
Brooch - Necklace (unfortunately only the pearl one)

Shimmering Shell

Roxie Sweetheart Mystical Mermaids

All three of my items feel extremely well made and durable, living up to Roxie Sweetheart's reputation as a quality brand and a leader in the alternative and japanese fashion markets. It is definitely a brand to look out for for accessories and clothes as every new collection adds to the unique character of the brand. I definitely look forward to buying more items in the future and expanding my collection.


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