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SLEEK Highlighting Palette in Solstice | Review

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Today I'm very happy to introduce you to one of my favourite makeup products, which I have been using daily for over a year now. I just ran out of my original palette and purchased a new one so I though it was perfect time to take some photos and show you before I start using it.

sleek highlighter

This is the Sleek Highlighting Palette in the colour combination Solstice. It retails for £9.99 at Superdrug and in my opinion is worth the money and more. For one thing, it is one of those rare palettes where you can use every single colour inside, so nothing goes to waste.

sleek review

There are four colours in the palette.

Ecliptic: a cream champagne shade
Hemisphere: a powder pastel pink shade
Subsolar: a powder pastel yellow shade
Equinox: a powder peach shade

Sleek Highlight Palette Solstice

Here are what the swatches look like:

Sleek Highlight Palette Solstice

Ecliptic, as a cream, works great straight over your foundation, especially if you prefer not to use powder, so you can still highlight your cheekbones without having any contrasting textures.

Subsolar, adds a lot of brightness wherever you put it, however it is not overly shimmery, so it can work for a subtle everyday highlight.

Hemisphere, is a pink toned highlight, which works great with cool toned makeup and pairs amazingly with pink blushers, keeping your makeup to the same colour tones.

Equinox is by far my favourite shade of the four, it is warm, bright and beautiful. It works when I am at my palest but also when I get a few skin tones darker after a tan. It is also the one that can work the best as eye shadow, under eye highlight, even used lightly dusted with your powder in all areas you want to highlight on your face.

Sleek Highlight Palette Solstice

I particularly recommend using this palette when you have a special event; it can give you that all over the face brightening effect, making you look healthy and literally glowing. It also looks gorgeous when filming and taking photos and since it is a cheap product you will not have any guilt for using it all the time and looking like you are ready for a fancy event on a daily basis.

Sleek Solstice Palette swatches

And if you are curious to see how this looks on me, here is my every day eye look.

What I like doing is use Ecliptic as an eye shadow base, with Equinox on top of it (seen below). The crease colour is the blush shade from the Sleek Face Form palette because it goes with it like a dream.

Sleek Highlight Palette Solstice

Then I use Hemisphere as a cheek highlight (the pink shade doubles as a hint of blush) and Subsolar is perfect to highlight my nose and any other areas that I want to look brighter but not necessarily overly shiny. For me this is the best way to use the palette for maximum effect.

By the way, I am currently in love with red eye liner. I think it is perfect for the holidays.

Sleek Highlight Palette Solstice

All in all, this is one of my favourite makeup items I own and I can not live without it. If you have not tried it yet I strongly recommend swatching in the store and buying it. And if you have any favourite highlighters that you can not live without do tell me what it is.


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