Monday, 6 February 2017

3 Great Date Outfits For Men

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With Valentine's Day coming up I thought I would put together date outfits for men. The first two are inspired by things my boyfriend usually wears and I really love on him, so I thought that some other guys might like something similar. The third one is actually inspired by the outfits of Mon El from Supergirl, who I think has the best style out of all the guys in the series. I know that is a bit random but I just watched this week's episode and I wanted to add it.

Blazer - Shirt - Trousers
Outfit 1 - Easy Blazer

This is perfect for those situations where you want to look smart but also effortless and be prepared for all sorts of occasions. Nice dinner, night out, even a walk in the park; this outfit will not let you down. Plus you can wear it both in winter and summer because the colours look great all year round. 

Having a white shirt handy is a great tip for both men and women so chances are most guys will have one lying around somewhere. The blue blazer is a great alternative to a black one, as it is still dark enough to look formal but can also look young and fresh paired with a bright smile. Light trousers - I prefer beige but you can also do grey - will make the look less formal and more fun, while showing off your skills at putting an outfit together and they are very versatile as you can wear them with a tshirt the next time and still look great.

Jumper - Shirt - Trousers
Outfit 2 - Cheeky Print

This outfit will keep you warm and stylish and it will look great going to a nice coffee house or cocktail bar or browsing some art in a gallery and exploring a new part of town. The goal is to show your date your personality, share your favourite spots and do an activity together.

Blue is one of my favourite colours to wear, both me and my boyfriend have a lot of blue items in our wardrobes. For this outfit I chose a blue chino type trouser but jeans would also work great. The navy jumper on top compliments the trousers and leaves it up to the shirt to make its statement with a print. In the last few years men's shirts have gotten a great selection of prints that look like your usual polka dots but the dots are replaced with other images like cocktail glasses, palm trees, animals, geometric patterns etc. Thus you can get the same overall effect but have something unique that expresses your personality on your shirt. 

Cardigan - Top - Trousers
Outfit 3 - Cool Dude

I recommend this for outdoor dates, like a picnic, a nature walk, visiting a quaint village etc. In this case you want to be ready for anything but still look put together and stylish.

The red trousers will show that you do like fashion and experimenting with your style, but the dark tone means you are practical and confident and are not looking to show off. The nice fitted tshirt is a great way to show off your muscles if you're been hitting the gym, or your collarbone with the v shaped collar. The grey cardigan will keep you warm, be snuggly for your date to cuddle up to and you can even play the chivalry card and offer it to them if it gets cold. Just make sure you do not freeze either. 

Bonus: Here is Chris wearing his version of outfit 2, when we were on holiday in Lisbon, looking amazing. If you plan to take lots of photos on the day, definitely go for the white shirt with the print to make them more interesting.

I hope you found this guide helpful and got some date outfit ideas (and some fun date ideas too). To make things easy for you I picked all the items in the photos from Bonobos, as it is one of the best men's clothing websites around and you can find pretty much anything you need for these styles; you can check out more of their pants options here. Of course you can wear all of these outfits any day as well, according to where you are going, so make sure you pick up items that will make you look great every day of the week when you go shopping.

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