Friday, 24 February 2017

Travel Outfits: How To Use Colourful Eyeliner With Monochrome Outfits

Hey guys!

Colourful eyeliner is one of my favourite things (I may have a small obsession with Sephora's own brand liners, that I own in every colour). Out of all the colours my top pick is electric blue, as I find it stands out the most on top of gold and cream eyeshadow. Now one of my favourite ways to wear blue eyeliner is with an otherwise neutral outfit, so that it is the only thing that stands out.

Black trousers, white top, black shoes, dark hair... it all seems fairly normal, right? And then you come up close and you see blue liner. It creates a fun surprise and makes most people look twice.

In this look I am wearing my favourite Sephora electric blue liner in Fancy Blue and my MAC Impassioned lipstick, which I think compliments it well. The rest of the makeup can be quite simple beyond that and you will still stand out in the crowd.

And since I was on holiday in Prague, I made a new friend with this stormtrooper in the mall. As you do....

What is your favourite colour eyeliner to wear and which brand do you think makes the best liners? I will be doing a post on my Sephora liners so keep an eye out for that one.

Lots of love

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