Friday, 3 March 2017

L'OREAL Paris Color Riche Gold Obsession 24g Lipsticks | Review & Swatches

Hey guys!

L'Oreal lipsticks were some of the first lipsticks I ever tried (see this post from back in 2012) but I had not checked out any of their most recent releases. 

Then, the other week my eyes caught a bright gold lipstick in Boots and I could not resist getting it. I also picked up the red one in the line, as it has beautiful gold glitters in it.

The L'Oreal Gold Obsession line has 5 lipsticks (the other two being a plum and two pinky nudes).

 Obviously the stars are the gold, Pure Gold, and the red, Rouge Gold. The package goes from a matte black fading into gold, ironically thus containing less gold than the standard all gold packaging of their normal lipsticks.

The two colours look very bright on the stick and that does translate in the swatch, they are very eye catching and bold, so they are definitely a statement when you put them on.

The lipsticks themselves are are very soft and creamy and they are very easy to apply on the lips. However, they are quite sheer and they do requite some building up, particularly the gold one.

The photos here are with one layer of lipstick on. While the gold is not fully opaque, from a distance it looks like your lips are gold all right, but you can definitely make the effect more visible by building it up. 

The red one, while more opaque, is a bit trickier to apply, which is why you can see that one layer is not exactly perfect and I did need to go back and fix the lines later.

All in all, I think the gold one is a beautiful choice and quite rare as a lipstick colour so it is worth picking up; the red one is a beautiful bright red lipstick, however, if you already own a few others, it is not particularly worth purchasing.

Have you tried any of the other lipsticks in this series and if so what did you think? If you have any looks with gold lipstick do tag me @darcrose22 on instagram or twitter.


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