Tuesday, 14 March 2017

PRIMARK OOTD: Winter Style

Hey guys!

We had a snow day on Saturday and it was great fun. Personally I love snow but rarely have the chance to see it, so I instantly jumped on the opportunity to take some outfit shots. Everything I'm wearing is from Primark, bought over the last few years.


Black and gold are great colours to keep in your wardrobe, as they are easy to match with other items and you can transition them from day to night easily. I got this jumper from Primark a few years back, I think around Christmas time, and it has been a winter staple for me ever since. The elegant star pattern does not really scream Christmas, making it perfect to wear after the holidays are over too.

primark outfit

Underneath the jumper I was wearing a thin gold top, perfect for when you go inside and there's heating on. Having a thinner top under your jumper means that you can take it off if you need to. The statement necklace I'm wearing goes perfectly with both the dark jumper and the light top, in the first case the clear stones pop and in the second the red ones. Either way, the necklace manages to catch the eye. What is more, since my hair is more red now, it also compliments the colour of the red gems.

primark outfits

My shoes were probably not the best choice for snow, as they did end up getting wet at the front, but I thought they went well with the gold elements of the outfit. I'd probably recommend boots with a shiny, waterproof surface though instead. As for my midi skirt, the clear striped panels let you see the snow through it and make the skirt look different according to what you stand next to, which I find quite amusing.

primark shoes

This ended up becoming one of my go to winter outfits, as it is perfect for work, shopping or even a night out in town. That is the reason I always recommend gold and silver items, because you can make them look casual or formal by pairing them in different ways or simply by changing up your makeup a little bit.

primark fashion

I also filmed a video with this outfit, including what Chris was wearing on the day, in case you need some male fashion inspiration too. His clothes are from Farah and his shoes are from Jacamo.

Let me know what you thought of this outfit and what your go to winter clothes are.

Lots of love,

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