Thursday, 13 April 2017

How To Decorate Your Dream Office Space With DECASO

Hi guys!

I firmly believe that working in a space that inspires you is a great way to motivate yourself and become more productive. Once you have created a space that makes you happy to look at and be in, you will find yourself coming back to it.

I was challenged by DECASO to put together my dream space using items from their website; they have a lovely selection of antiques that I can not afford... but a girl can dream. One day when I buy a beautiful house and set up my office space it is definitely going to look like this.

Ok so let's get down to business (since this is an office after all).

Every office needs a desk. Do not be fooled by this image and my editing skills, this one is totally see through and the top is mirrored. This Elegant Lucite Desk will be the centre of attention of my office. While it is a substantial piece of furniture, the lucite material lets the light through and creates the illusion that the space is not really taken up by a table. It is particularly good if you have a smaller room but still want to fill it with beautiful things.

On top of the table of course you will have your laptop to do some work. Next to it, this Pivoting Crystal Ball Table Lamp will not only provide some light for those late nights working hard, but also turn around so you can adjust where the light falls. And... it looks like a crustal ball for your casual fairy tale element. To balance it out, This Italian Murano Glass Vase is sleek and will hold a bunch of roses to brighten up your day. Fresh flowers are definitely something you should start keeping around the house as it makes everything feel fresher.

Above the table a Hollywood Regency Mirror will add some extra glamour to the whole space and will be perfect for a quick makeup touchup once you are done with work. An inspirational quote next to it will also give you motivation and boost your confidence. And, last but not least, your chair will be where you will be sitting while working so you should make sure that it is both very comfortable and pretty. I picked this Lucite Armchair made of the same material as my desk, because it looks like it is a set with it and also appears as if it is taking up less space, due to the light going through it.

And this is it: my dream office space, created in an image and in my heart. One day this will become reality and I will be writing all my blog posts in a space like this, not just on my bed. Until then, I hope I have helped some of you get inspiration for your home offices. Remember, these items are available to buy so you can even buy these exact ones and own my dream space way before I can. Oh well... 

Until next time, lots of love,

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