Thursday, 6 July 2017

ELECTRIC SHEEP Zappy Bat Necklace

Hi guys! I'm back!

Today I wanted to show you a recently acquired piece, from a brand that is great for fairy kei, decora, pastel goth and a few more alternative fashion styles. The brand is called Electric Sheep and you can find their accessories on their Storenvy shop.

Zappy Bat Necklace

They also usually have a stall at Hyper Japan, which is where I originally found out about the brand and saw their accessories. They describe themselves as a brand with 'cute Japanese and alternative/cyber scene inspired handmade jewellery and hair accessories'. Their main influences are Harajuku fashion fairy kei, lolita, cyber, punk and goth. A lot of their items remind me of accessories I usually see in cyberdog, or something you would love to wear at a rave.

electric sheep

The necklace I picked up is called Zappy Bat, since the bat's tail is shaped like a thunderbolt, which is a running theme due to the name of the brand. The quality of the piece is exceptional and there is a variety of colour options that you can choose from, like purple, acid green, black and orange. It is perfect for any creepy cute and pastel goth styles and can be worn with a variety of Harajuku fashions. The acid green and orange versions would look particularly gorgeous with a cyber goth look.

Zappy Bat Necklace storenvy

When it comes to alternative fashion I believe it's very important to support independent creators and smaller brands like Electric Sheep, especially when they have such quality pieces, so I would absolutely recommend and advise you to have a look at their store and pick something up if you like it. They have a variety of other designs, including lightning bolts, skulls, stars and more.

If you have a favourite alternative brand, do let me know what it is so I can check it out!

Lots of love

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