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Star Wars Dark Eau De Parfum by Disney | Review

Come to the Dark Side... we smell really good!

Hey guys!

Today I simply had to tell you about my new perfume, Star Wars Dark, which I fell in love with instantly and bought as soon as I tried it on. To give you some backstory, I was early to meet someone at the O2, so I went past the gift shop of the Star Wars Identities exhibition. Since I was not wearing any perfume (I forgot), I decided to put some on there. As soon as the perfume touched my skin I knew I had to get it, and I immediately took it to the cashier and made it mine!

Star Wars

The top notes of the perfume are grapefruit, orange and aldehydes.
The middle notes are violet, magnolia, rose and cloves.
The base notes are cedar, patchouli, vetiver, amber, chocolate and vanilla.

Star Wars Dark perfume box

The first thing that I noticed when I put it on is how warm and spicy it smells. I was not sure if it was a men's or a women's perfume - it is in fact unisex - exactly because of that reason, but I wanted to wear either way. I would also like it on a man, because of the cloves and the chocolate notes that I find very attractive in men's perfumes.

Star Wars Dark

Out of women's perfumes that I've owned before, and potentially a good alternative to consider if you can't get your hands on this one, is the Eau de Soap & Glory. They both contain magnolia and vanilla, which I think gives them that sweet sexiness, and they both have citrus fruits in them, Dark has grapefruit and orange and S&G has mandarin and bergamot.

Star Wars Dark bottle

Another thing that particularly impressed me in Star Wars Dark was how intense it it. It not only surrounds me in its aroma, the first hour or so everyone walking past me can definitely smell it clearly, but it is also long lasting and I can still smell it on my skin for hours after I put it on. It has been quite hard for me to find many perfumes like that in recent years, the last one I really liked was Black XS by Paco Rabanne.

Star Wars Dark

Now for the scent test over the next few hours after you put it on:

1 hour later: The perfume is exactly like the moment I put it on, sitting on my desk anybody walking past me can smell it coming from me. It is not overpowering but it is present.

Star Wars Dark

3 hours later: I can still smell the perfume around me as I'm sat down on my desk working, without getting close to my skin and I can tell the scent coming from my neck apart from the one coming from my wrists, due to the intensity.

Star Wars Dark eau de parfum review

6 hours later: After washing my hands I can not pick up the scent in my immediate environment all the time. However I can still smell it on my wrists, which I washed with soap, and I can smell a hint of it every now and then from my neck, so it has managed to remain on very well.

Star Wars Dark eau de parfum

There are a few more perfumes in the same collection. Galaxy is the closest scent to Dark, all the notes are the same except it doesn't have the chocolate and vanilla, so it is less sweet than Dark. Light, which is supposed to be Dark's main counterpart, has lemon and cypress in it which to me smelled more fresh but for some reason I did not particularly like its scent.  

Droid, is more woody and musky, with jasmine, mint and bergamot, which takes out the sexiness of Dark and replaces it with a calming dependable innocence (somehow that is how I can only describe this perfume). As for the protagonists' perfumes Rey is quite sweet with caramel, praline, red berries, sandalwood and amber and Revenge, Kylo Ren's perfume, is sexy but fresh at the same time thanks to the combination of rose, geranium, cypress and bergamot.

Star Wars Dark notes

You can get all of the perfumes in the line here or in person at the Star Wars shop at the O2 like I did; prices range at around £20 for 50ml. Keep in mind it is limited edition so when they run out that's it.

I firmly believe that Dark is the best one of the collection, although this really depends on individual tastes and the kind of perfume you enjoy. However, if you are anything like me and you want your perfume to say you are a woman strong and confident in her femininity and sexual energy, I would say Star Wars Dark is the perfume you should go for. 

Star Wars perfume

So put on your favourite black dress, spray some perfume on, pick up your light saber and get ready to take over the world!

Lots of love

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